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My 83Sc


New member
21 Jun 2003

My first 911, purchased around May this year for weekend use. Has run great over the summer abt 2000 miles and no major problems. Put away now for the winter, roll on the spring.

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Put it away for the winter? Is that really necessary. I would just get is waxoiled and give it a good clean every week underneath, inside the wheel arches etc to get rid of any salt of the road. Can't see the point in having a 911 and not driving it - they are not THAT precious.

PS It looks great in the photo though :wink:

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Maybe not THAT precious to you but is to me.

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Fair enough. Sorry if I sounded derogitory - I cetainly didn't mean to :oops:
. I don't even own a 911 myself. It just seems a shame to own such a nice car and use it only 6-9 months of the year. I am sure taking it off the road during the winter protects the car but I am not sure by how much. Salt is the work of the devil but you can wash the nasty stuff off to a large degree.

Anyway, like you said, it is your car and rightly it is precious to you. It would be to me too. But if I spent £10-£15k on a car I would want to use it.

I promise to be less confrontational in the future :wink:

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Nice House you have Richard :wink:

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Can't use it all year the salt might get in it?

Poor james is porsche daft when he gets a 911 he will put 100k miles on it in the first 6 months.

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So Steven would you not use yours all year round either?

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I will use mine all the time. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. I was only kidding, when I get the car I have always dreamed of owning I will need to be physically removed from it to get it serviced or even to go to meetings etc.

I currently drive the Hearing Aid all the time and positively encourage the salt to damage the old man's car. :lol:

Richard's looks in great nick though and I am sure that when mine needs traded in or repaired due to salt damage I will think back to Richards prudent attitude.

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Those SC's look great in Red!! Love it!

Looks superb Rich, if you can make it along there is a "Surrey Curry" meet next Wednesday! Bring it along.

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Nice car. That house is the place in Oxford where the porsche club annual meeting was isn't it?

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It's Richards house Noony.

Richard3 actually comes from Richard The Third. He is royalty.

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Ah I see. Means I've been a royal guest at his house then...

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Don't fancy that given the coverage in the paper's at present. I'd be keeping that a secret Noony.

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Haha, I won't go into detail then, but we all had a great time :wink:

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