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Move AC control down to create 2x Din Audio Head space


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10 Nov 2012
Hi All,

I want to replace the stock audio head unit with a full-size (2 din) touch-screen unit. I currently have (what appear to be) four 1 din size spaces in the dash. Top one being AC controls, then the 1 unit audio head, then two empty storage spaces. Same as shown below in the "Before" picture.

Question is - it is possible / easy to just move the AC control unit down two spaces to where one of the blank storage units is, creating enough space to fit a 2-din head unit, as shown in the "after" picture below? And is this something easy enough that I can get the Halfords (or equivalent) audio fitting service to do when I buy the new stereo?



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Its not too had. It has to go into the bottom slot and you need a new surround for it part number: 9965523390001c Its just a few pounds from your local stealer or any of the fine sponsors here.

The cable is long enough, there is a lot of swearing though, and probably some skinned knuckles... So paying someone is a good call.
Do it, it's easy. I bought the surround for fitting the AC to the lowest point when I did exactly what you want to do and it cost £4.28 from Mid-Sussex Porsche in Burgess Hill. It's not that hard to re-route the cable, it was an optional placement position when having PCM fitted so the cable loom is the same, just re-routed. Part number P996.552.339.00 01C as per Clarkie.

I wouldn't let the Halfords monkeys anywhere near my car and would take it to a specialist if you're not comfortable doing it. I done my own as I'm clever like that. If you have 2 single DIN slots, then you'll either need a new piece for the centre console or just bite the bullet and cut & shut the old one. Best done out of the car.

Also, the fitting kist supplied with most new Double DIN units are crap so you'll need either:

Ebay Special


Slighly Better One

Good luck.
I've done this with mine.

Be mindful that there are 2 different cubbyholes.

A "bottom" one, which has tapered edges - but apparently a PITA to fit the AC stuff in there.

I went with the top one -

P996.552.253.01C "Shelf" @ £24/74 (+vat)

Got it from Porsche Reading...


Hope this helps :)

Are there any kits that allow you to keep the cupholder?
Yeh Chiark, bearing in mind that my car's a 996.1, so no cup-holder

Cup-holders were only available on the 996.2

I did mine with the American kit in fireblades post which has a cup holder with no issues. It was quite expensive by the time customs also takes another chunk via the shipper! (and I only wanted the surround!)
The EBay cheap one works ith the cupholder, that's what I have in mine until I get some spare cash for the expensive one. Really I just want the surround from that kit. Instead of the cubby hole, I have the 4xCD drawer which I've converted into a nice iPhone 4 holder.
Liking the sound of your iPhone holder conversion.

I have the 4x cd holder and was thinking of doing the same. Would be great to see a pic if possible?


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