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Mothers products

Russell Fryett

New member
7 Oct 2005
Hi everyone,

Newbie here; thought I'd like to introduce myself with a new topic - not looking to inflame, but inform . I have a 996 Turbo in basalt black which obviously only a car-cleaning nut can fully appreciate :)

I realise that there is a strong following for Zymol stuff here and I have used those products for a couple of years myself (bought a briefcase set even, with the Titanum wax) with good results. HOWEVER, the temperature limit got to be quite a pain through the long winter months and I tried MOTHERS' Wax and Top Coat .

The results have been spectacularly good. At least as good a finish as the zymol and for a lot less money, with few complications regarding application. The killer combination was HD cleanse with the Mothers wax and Top Coat (Top Coat gives extra lustre to any wax, so maybe that on top of a zymol wax would be awesome). The shine lasted for quite some time, too; at least 2 months at full intensity.

I am not criticising Zymol, but Mothers is a good way to get through the winter months, I think.

Thanks for your time and tips from previous topics.

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Mothers is an American product is it not?.....but i've also read in the classic car mags that its highly regarded too

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Interesting. Never heard of Mother's. (I thought you were going to recommend baby bath for cleaning...) Where's it available from??

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think its mail-order only.........can't remember what mag it was mentioned in tho

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Maxy M on 07 October 2005

Interesting. Never heard of Mother's. Where's it available from??
were you a test tube child ? :twisted:

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It's all down to the punctuation Sundeep. Now stop acting the mother... :wink:

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Mothers stuff was bought from


Very quick and easy and pretty cheap for such good results!

btw I put their Top Coat product on my alloys and they look FANTASTIC and the brake dust comes off more easily too.

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