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MOSTBus - Denison vs MoBridge?


9 Jan 2011
Hi folks - technically I'm posting in the wrong forum as I'm not asking about a 997 but I gather the sound systems are the same infernal MOSTbus setups.

My rather nice 996 C2S (purchased, incidentally through an ad here) has to go. Ok, "has to go" is stretching it - my first Porsche and I've had it for 2 trouble free years. If you ignore the local youth "tagging" the bonnet and rear wings. I've loved it. Sadly, my girlfriend has increasing mobility issues with occasional crutch and wheelchair usage necessary. Crutches...you can just about manage, but not a wheelchair so the 996 has to go. I'd fancied a change anyway but it would probably have been a 996 Turbo. So, Cayenne it is. Test driven, deposit down and mechanical inspection by specialist in the next couple of days. Hidden faults aside, it'll be mine by the weekend.

On the upside, I've never owned a V8, and this is a Cayenne Turbo S. It's got the Bose kit in it, but I want to plug my phone in. Not an iPhone, an android and I'm after opinions on the various (2, as far as I can tell) after market options for external audio. Don't really care about phone integration- I have a comfy and perfectly comfy headset for that.

I use Co-Pilot Premium as my SatNav s/w on my Galaxy note (it's really bloody good, actually) and I rather doubt that the '06 Porsche version will beat it, so there's a strong chance that the phone will be suckered to the screen with a headphone cable.

Any thoughts on the most suitable product? Not that fussed about tight integration, iPhone compatibility, I just want some way to feed a analog signal from my Samsung Note into the Bose. Not really relishing the idea of burning MP3's to CD :)

Both the Dension and mObridge are tailored towards tight integration with an iPod / iPhone. I know the bluetooth mObridge has A2DP so you could stream music from your phone over bluetooth.

Considering your requirements, you'll be spending a lot of money for a bunch of features you don't require.

An AUX retrofit might be more const effective, but i don't know it that's possible on a Porsche. You can buy A2DP bluetooth dongles that fit into a 5mm jack so you could still stream music from your phone.
> Considering your requirements, you'll be spending a lot of money for a bunch of features you don't require.

Haha, no change there then :-(

As with my 996 (fortunate to have the last of the analog CDR's), I'd much rather stay with the stock gear as far as possible.

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