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More Power...Chips? any pov's?

mike keech

12 Mar 2005
Just bought a 1997 993 c2s..and completely new to the world of porsche...love it but coudl always do with more power..would love the 993 turbo but can't stretch that far yet (nor am i sure of finding one in good condition)...any ideas on solutions for more power,...implications and costs?

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Re-chip can give you @10 or so BHP and most importantly more low down torque, cost around £3-500. Other mods such as filter/exhaust etc don't really give any noticable gain. If money's no object then a £8-10k 3.8 conversion or a supercharger is aways possible.

However, pure BHP is great for acceleration but when the novelty wears off you'll soon get bored of it or just keep on wanting more 'cos you get used to the ooomph very quickly. Better off spending the money to make it go round corners quicker, or even just get it to run like it's meant to. Such as suspension up-grade etc.

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Mick is spot on, I find that the suspension mods on my car mean that I can't drive as fast on bumpy sh!t london roads as my Merc c200, but cornering on good roads is unbeatable and well worth the compromise.

re-chip unleashes throttle response and mid range torque, forget bhp, lb's psq torque is the money shot!

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thanks... now yuo got me interested..what solutions are their for suspension upgrades? any sites I should be looking at?..and what is the potential damage?!

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The original shocks are more than likely near the end of their life by now, and because it's quite difficult to drive the car to it's limits on normal roads and the car handles so well anyway, the gradual deterioration is therefore not easily noticable.

That is until you change the shocks and realise you're like driving a different car! Just replace the shocks with standard OEM ones would transform the car's handling, however it won't be much more than another 40k miles or so before the same happens again. Therefore for the same (or even less) money it's much better to use Bilstein HD which last much much longer and you can rebuild them when the time comes. You do need to match the springs with the shocks though and that's when I got lazy and just got JZM to fit the Roocke kit which is basically Bilstein shocks with HR springs. Bit more expensive but work really well, Poon will tell you the same! It also lowers the car about an inch or two. The ride is meant to be a bit harder but you'd find that the car's actually more comfortable because the shocks are actually absorbing the shocks!

After the shocks (+/- springs) you can consider strut brace and monoball strut mounts. The top of the shocks are mounted on a big block of rubber, which gives a bit of insulation from the roughness on the road. If you don't mind a bit extra road noise and harder ride, this can be changed to solid metal plates instead and that's monoball (uniball). Strut brace will also tighten up the car a bit especially when it's cabrio/targa, but for coupe I was told it's not worth it until you change to monoball 'cos otherwise the slack would just be transferred to the rubber blocks.

Most important of all, as well as after any mods, is proper 4-wheel geomatry alignment, but get someone who really knows what they're doing. The 993 has the multilink rear suspension which needs careful adjustment. The "kinametic Toe" need to be checked/set correctly. The car is quite sensitive to geometry change so make sure that's done by mechanics who has the equipment to do it.

At some point in the future the front wishbone bushing would need replacing, unfortunately you can't just change the rubber bushing which is moulded onto the A-arm, so you have to replace the whole A-arm. There's an article about a company which started producing new bushing for this but you'd still have to pay for the extra labour of hacking the old bushing out and repalce the new bushing. So it's the question of whether there's much real saving when you consider you've still got the old A-arm with a design that's still not been on the market long enough to prove the result. When mine was worn I just had it replaced with RS A-arms (just slightly harder rubber bushing).

When you've spent alll these dosh on the car you'd probably want to try it out on the track to see what it feels like on the limit. You'd be pleasantly suprised just how capable your car is!

All the above are just what I did with my 993, and I'm no expert so don't take it as gospal but just an example of many possilities. Other things I'd like to do includes short shift kit, front brake cooling duct, light weight flywheel / RS clutch and if father X'mas loves me enough one year, a 3.8l kit.

Come and join us on the Bedford track day on Good Fri, just to find out what your car can do, it'd be fun!

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great detail. :D
..thanks somuch...how much did you pay all in for shocks? + springs?...if there is one mod that i am thinking about making sounds like this should be the one... right? the front wishbones were just replaced when i bought it so think i am in good shape there...

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last question..what exactly is a 3.8 kit and how much? i am really after power and hear this might be it?

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by mike keech on 13 March 2005

last question..what exactly is a 3.8 kit and how much? i am really after power and hear this might be it?

can do it but it's £5+k+vat I think assuming they still do it ! £perbhp it's from about £1k per 10bhp !

sort the package out and the power will always be there !

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The Roocke kit I had installed by JZ cost me in the region of @£2k (can't remmember exactly as I had a few other bits done at the same time.)

The factory 3.8 kit cost @£8k plus labour. Probably not the best BHP per £, I've heard. I'd try re-chiping it first, for a few hundred quid you'd get a much improved torque @low/mid range, which is what you need for driving/acceleration. Max BHP is mainly good for pub talk. If you really want oomph then there's supercharger. Probably around the same kind of money as a 3.8 kit, but then you'll put a fair bit more wear/strain/stress on the engine. You can of course supercharge it, use the engine till it dies, then do a 3.8 while rebuilding the engine! :D
But then you might as well just buy a 993 TT from the start! :wink:

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Butzi on 13 March 2005

But then you might as well just buy a 993 TT from the start! :wink:
tell me about it ! :(

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