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Monaco GP Rd5 + Gulf livery McLaren

Absolutely super job - a great combination of nostalgia and modern. :thumbs:

Hopefully they will use the livery at more than just one race.
Yes, definitely a gulf between that and the rest of cars on the grid. :coat:
Looks great. Maybe some other teams should follow?
Yeah totally. I reckon they need to do a whole race (maybe a season would be too much) with all cars dressed up in retro livery. That McLaren looks superb in those colours
I watched highlights of the 1984 Monaco GP last night - the one where F1 rookies Senna and Bellof were chasing down Prost and would have beaten him if it wasn't for the red flag.

It really brought it home how much F1 has changed - even in the days of colour TV. Safety is of course paramount but the spectacle has diminished so, so much. That, and listening to current drivers bleating on about how crucial qualifying is at Monaco as there are no chances to overtake on the track, makes me chuckle. That said, the width of the 2021 cars doesn't help!

To see the race being run in absolutely torrential rain with several broken cars left parked on the track, with marshals waving yellow flags whilst other marshals pushed cars off the racing line, was one thing but to see Senna and Bellof scything past established top line drivers was something else.

Monaco is still a great event but I fear that this weekend all the excitement will be seen today.
T8 said:
....... all the excitement will be seen today.

........ until the last 30 seconds at least. :D

7 different makes in the top 10, 5 different in the top 6. The dash to the first corner will be interesting.
Certainly an interesting qualifying session. :lol:

Am hoping the race will not be processional, but in reality, it probably will be. :nooo:
Get the feeling that current F1 cars have now out-grown what the Monaco circuit has to offer.
Not long to go now.

If Hamilton can get onto the podium, it will be one of his biggest achievements.

Will be interesting to see how many fall victim of the barriers. :popcorn:
Will be interesting to see how young Lando goes today - a photo of that retro gorgeous livery. :lol:


  • mclaren_gulf_livery_side_133.jpg
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After the first lap I suspect that any overtaking will be done by pit strategy.

I just hope that some of the younger front runners don't get too excited into the first corner as it could cause chaos to those behind.
I hope for those that are there an early pile-up doesn't happen.

I recall my only visit to a Monaco GP was in 1994 when having already lost the chance to see Senna (RIP) Damon Hill and Mika Hakkinen crashed out on the first lap leaving Schumi an easy win. The only race excitement was cheering Martin Brundle on to what would be his best ever result.
What a bummer for CleC :eek:

It leaves a clear run for Bottas into the first corner. It could be fun if he arrives side byside with Max.
A bit of a snore-fest in the end. :sleepy:

Nuts for Mercedes. :damn:

Great result for Lando. :clap:
I fell asleep, just about says it all. :sleepy:

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