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mohitos' REN 993 blog

PM sent...
New tyres are on - Michelin Pilot Sport 2's. Thanks Chris :thumbup:

As always the list of work has grown.

The brake lines had corroded due to the removal of all wax underneath, making it impossible to fit the new braided hoses. New lines will now be installed :x

In addition a breather pipe will be replaced and the struts for the engine lid and bonnet will be changed.
Just collect the car from it's 'minor' service. Best laid plans and all that?

A few extra parts fitted, mainly related to the brake lines which had corroded:

Anyway - all done and braided hoses are now in place - very neat and retain the OEM look:

Also new aux belts:

A couple of other bits and pieces like new boot and bonnet struts to replace the originals (date stamped '95) which were feeling tired.

Raikku went through the car in great detail to improve little bits and pieces. He reseated the idle control valve I'd removed and struggled to refit properly. He found that all of the vacuum pipers into the intake manifold were loose - by tightening them he's sorted the uneven I'd blamed on the ICV - and it no longer seems as prone to stalling in reverse, something I'd blamed on the RS clutch and flywheel.

Exceptional attention to detail from Raikku and I whole heartedly recommend him to others :thumb:

Off to Classic Preservation in the morning to drop it off for rustproofing, after that it's going straight to Enigma for soundproofing of doors, rear and floors, and elimination of all interior creaks and rattles :bye:
Late update on this one but thought I'd add it to the blog.

April last year I called in the services of Glassman to look at my annoying creaking windscreen. It had been fitted with teflon tape and was incorrectly positioned, too high in the recess. I planned to have the front screen refitted correctly and the rubber trim surrounds replaced front and rear as they were old and bruised from previous refits. Pretty straightforward, or so I thought.

When Paul went to remove it he noticed that the paint in the recess was complete mush. When people on the forum warn against teflon tape - heed the warning. Unless the recesses are completely backfilled they are water traps an the same will happen.

The rubber windscreen trim surround had been incorrectly stuck to the paint above the windscreen at the leading edge of the roof, so when he removed it chunks of paint came off the roof. This was pretty bad news as, if the windscreen was to be lowered and correctly positioned, these chunks of missing paint would be visible:

Even the rear screen had been fitted poorly:


This was a major problem for me as one of the key reasons I bought the car was that it had recently been fully resprayed. Knowing how difficult silver is to colour match I worried that sending it somewhere might result in very obvious colour differences if I had the roof fully resprayed.

The car had recently been to KDS in Gillingham for paint correction and detailing - Kelly has more recently installed a full paint booth and I spoke to him about sympathetically sorting the problem for me.

Rather than take the whole roof back and respray it, Kelly suggested that they preserve as much of the existing paint as possible. Main only where damaged and blend - but remove the lacquer from the entire roof and scuttle and then apply clear coat over the entire roof / scuttle and down below the rear screen. I was incredibly sceptical of this approach as it was hard to believe it wouldn't be obvious in places.

Anyway - I was wrong and the job was absolutely first rate - better than before infact. No trace of respray anywhere, the colour matches as the base coat was preserved. And the screens were finally reinstalled by Paul (Glassman):

REN 993 is one lucky bitch. Her first sugar daddy moves her on. Not because she was too old or anything vulgar. Just pastures new and all that. Could have been hard times after that priveliged period of pampering came to a close. Who knows, in time that front boot pocket rejuvenation may have worn off and without SAMs pockets it may have grown saggy again.

Instead having parted ways with Cyrus she hooks up with sweet tasting Mohitos and the 6 star treatment rolls onward. Has any NB 993 in the galaxy been better cared for than this one?

Are you minded to drive down and see Precision for their Cars and Coffee thing next Saturday?
REN 993 is just a bitch - forget the 'lucky'. She had Sam under a trance, and now me.

Anyway, after the sound deadening I am DONE. :eek:

GLWT :floor:

I seem to recall you being 'done' after having had the choons installed.
Some photo updates from Classic Preservation.

Car was thoroughly washed down underneath and in the wheel arches and dried before the Dinitrol application began. Nothing untoward has been reported so that's good news.

Dropped the car to Sylwester at Enigma Audio on Monday morning and he's been cracking on with it. Lovely guy who clearly shares the average 911uk forum member's OCD.

The brief was to soundproof the doors, floorplan and rear, eradicate any internal creaks and rattles. On Sylwester's advice I went for an STP sound deadening product which is overlaid with thin foam to stop rattles etc. Could there be a more opposite approach to Jackals :?:

Referencing the other post about what makes a 993 feel 'tight' - IMO rattles do not, and I want rid of all of them :bye:

My alarm (PA2000) was producing a fault on a arrival which he's now sorted, and there was the MOST irritating rattle coming from the steering column, which he's also rectified.

I also ordered some ultrasonic mounts from Hamilton & Palmer as the ultrasonics have been wound up under the seat for as long as I've had the car, and I wanted them put back in their proper place.

Photos speak a thousand words?

what a job - there's a lot of time and care gone into that lot. must be costing you a fair bit in hours but I'm sure you'll be able to feel the difference
Nice to find an outfit that cares about the details.

Very nicely done. Should be nice and rattle free in there now 8)

If allegedly the out-the-box 993 is granite, what word describes your reimagination of a model that was already universally acclaimed for its build quality? :eek:
GT4 said:

If allegedly the out-the-box 993 is granite, what word describes your reimagination of a model that was already universally acclaimed for its build quality? :eek:

Mohitos, could you share an approx "guide price" for the interior sound insulation work ?

Looks like a great job - very interested to understand how it translates to the on-road driving experience !

Best, Will
Dooser said:
GT4 said:

If allegedly the out-the-box 993 is granite, what word describes your reimagination of a model that was already universally acclaimed for its build quality? :eek:


To Mohitos' wife's plans for a new kitchen, yes :bandit:

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