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mohitos' REN 993 blog

Hi Michael

Yes, we did discuss switching the Bilstein B6's for Koni FSD's beforehand. It's hard to say whether I'd prefer them, but if starting from scratch they're definitely a good option. Ultimately the ride in these will always be somewhat compromised IMHO, as the cars have relatively short wheelbases.
completely agree - great service from Chris when he set up my track car - a true enthusiast and a nice bloke as well!
+ 1 on Chris and agree on the value of the pics it all becomes a nice essential part of the history.

Re underbody waxing I had mine done with Dinitrol by Classic Preservation near Birmingham, underbody, arches, headlamps etc, circa £700 all in if I remember for them to take the car in and complete the work (some pics in the link below).
joslyn said:
I had mine done with Dinitrol by Classic Preservation near Birmingham

Looks like a very thorough approach - definitely one to consider....

Patina looks like a great site - I should get started on it really.
Pre my ownership my car had £3k odd thrown at it via JAZ. Visually it looked fantastic. You could scarcely fit a finger between the top of the tyre and the wheelarch. However, the ride was harder than a bareknuckle gypsy boxer. On the right road (that I would be on annually) at the time (early) in the right company (empty passenger seats) it really did corner flat. I felt like Tron riding a lightcycle.

The rest of the time it was to be honest, close to intolerable. it was only driving something else, anything else, afterward that brought the brutality of that ride home. The H&R dampers were on their lowest setting. The front roll bar had seized. Had it all sorted and the geo reset. Car didn't look lower than a reality TV star anymore but it also felt driveable with compliance to the suspension.

I don't know why people tolerate cars that ride badly.
Chris W said:
Fantastic service beyond the norm. I've said before, 5-6 years ago, why don't all garages provide photographic updates/reports to build trust/faith/relationship as this is the only way forward/ All credit to Chris and Jayne and their ethos. And to you Stuart for being the pedant you are :)[/quote

Service time!

I've been using Evolve Automotive in Leagrave for a lot of work on my E46 M3 and been seriously impressed by their Technical Director, Raikku.

He's really a Porsche guy, having trained and been a master technician with them in Munich. He's also managed Porsche cup teams.

So I've decided to take the car to him this time - he does the Porsche and more glamorous stuff through his company WaffZuff.

1,740 miles since the last service. Shows some use although there was a trip to Le Mans classic in with that!

Minor service:

- Oil and filter change (Mobil Super 3000 X1 5W-40 Fully Synthetic)
- Brake / clutch fluid change (Motul RBF600 DOT4)
- Air filter
- Oil filters

Plus a few extras:

- Aux belts x 3
- Fuel filter
- Fit Techna-fit braided brake hoses - black hytril covered
- Sort interior rattles from sunroof and steering column
- Alternator bolt cover!
- 2 x alarm ultrasonics mounting brackets. For some reason these were wound up under the seat when I bought the car and not on the A pillars. Plan is to put them back where they should be. I guess I'll find out soon enough why they were removed.

Took the opportunity to take a few photos whilst she was clean:

Sexy for a skinny bird isn't she.
Great write ups :thumb:

I fitted B8s (same damper rate as B6s from memory) and M033 springs and love them , great compromise between ride and comfort for a sports car and very predictable .

I've also used evolve for my BMW remaps, always a fun day out :grin:
dommorton said:
Sexy for a skinny bird isn't she.
:x Skinny is elegant.
jonttt said:
I've also used evolve for my BMW remaps, always a fun day out :grin:

Fantastic place and I'm lucky that they're only 20 mins from me - they remapped my E46 M3 and fitted their new Eventuri air intake. Makes a growl not dissimilar to the CSL airbox. With the remap the car dyno'd 357bhp. Prett healthy and without the weight of an engine over the rear wheels, a lot of fun.

Also had these fitted whilst it was there:

Cheeky I know, but if anyone's interested in my old MO30 springs, they're in the for sale section...
mohitos said:
Cheeky I know, but if anyone's interested in my old M)30 springs, they're in the for sale section...

What they going for and how old?

Do you know what. If I had the dosh I'd be well interested because I recon FSDs with M033 and 17inch cups is just a little too bouncy.

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