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Mobridge help required please !


4 Nov 2012
Bit of an odd one this. If I plug the iphone in and play something back like a podcast, or the kids might watch something on youtube, it pauses that item and keeps going back and playing the same tune from my music folder ? Really annoying - any ideas ?

Hope that makes sense !
Still having these issues - cartronics didnt want to know. Any advice/opinions appreciated - I dont even have a manual for it :>(
Go though the wizard to tailor the settings on an SD card. Plug it in to the Mobridge unit and turn the ignition on.


Trying to arrange the settings through PCM is awful and usually results in something unrelated being broken or punched. :wack:

EDIT: If you need support then go through the US or the Netherlands as they are much more helpful: http://www.mobridge.us/contact. Craptronics don't get a nod from me either. :frustrated:

Search youtube for Mobridge clips. It certainly helped me suss out mine on my old car. Or if you are in Surrey/Sussex area let me know and I will have a look
I've had this.
All I did was unplug the iPhone, replug, and it was ok.
Failing that, recycle the unit 5 clicks.
Cherrs guys - sorry about thr delay in replying..ive been in hospital as the bmw fell off the jack when i was working on it and crushed my hand - muppet lol!

Will go through the youtube clips - what do you mean by recycle 5 clicks mate ?

There is an override button for the unit to take it off line when in for service This reboots the system.
Whenever I have this I just flick backwards and forwards and eventually get the thing I want to play.
The MoBridge isn't the best system for our cars!!!!!
After messing about with my Mobridge trying to get it to work with my iphone I ended up just buying a 'classic' ipod last week and now it works as perfectly as it's ever going to work.

Not the best bit of kit I've ever bought.

I'll check out the SD card idea though.

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