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Mixing N-rated tyres


31 Oct 2002
Morning all - Happy New Year to all the chums/chaps/chumps on this site and long may it continue.

In one of the monthly's, I read something about you not being able to mix N-rated tyres. In other words, you cannot have N2 on the front, for example, then N3's on the rear. Which means you would have to replace all four tyres at once.

Not only does this sound nonsense, it means a massive increase. And I cannot believe that everyone out there replaces all four tyres at the same time, bearing in mind there are now 4 N rated tyres (although 1's are no longer available, I have seen 2's advertisied, I purchased N3's and I know 4's are out there). Any thoughts on the matter, as I now have P-Zero's all around - N2 on the front, N3 on the rear and when the change was made, I noticed no differences at all.


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Without doubt your car will be undriveable and you will crash and die in a ball of flames for mixing your N ratings !

In all seriousness I can't imagine there is going to be a huge difference in the performace of N2 and N3 Pzeros. Do the tread patterns look the same ? There may be some differences in the tyre structure between N2 and N3 but then you are always going to have a difference between front and rear anyway as the relative different width / profile is going to make the tyres behave slightly differently anyway. I would be more wary about mixing on the same axle but front and rear is unlikely to make a vast difference day to day. The condition of the tyres is far more important ie. wear / over or underinflation etc.

Bottom line is that you know they are different and will find out for yourself what that means in the real world !


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Hi Jamie

Agree with what you are saying, but thinking more about it, applying this logic (the magazine's, not yours), and bearing in mind the N-rating is a Porsche specified element, rather than a tyre manufacturer specified element, means that you could be in the same 'danger' as you would if you had a Jaguar, for example, and had Conti's on the front and Pirelli's on the rear - I would say this would have far more liklihood to upset the balance/handling of the car but people do it all the time. In much the same way as if, let's say the N requirement didn't exist, you went out and purchased P-Zero's for the rear of the car when you have standard Pirelli's on the front - again, they would be a different tread pattern. Or indeed, if you had an older P-Zero on the front, where advances in design have meant a change to the pattern.

All in all, it all seems rather bollox to me.

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Of course the general rule is that you should never mix tyre types and I suppose by extension that covers different evolutions of the same tyre. However in this case you are mixing tyre types that must be as close together as they are ever likely to be. Doubtless there will be physical changes to the tyres' structure, but the fact remains that front and rear you have Z rated high quality Pirelli tyres that Porsche has at some point approved. I wouldn't lose any sleep about it !


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I read with interest and pick up on Andy's opening comments about N ratings. This is all new to me, but my car has just had new conti sport N1's fitted to the rear as part of the purchase deal. If N1's are no longer available could this mean that they are older tyres?

Incidently it has conti sports N1's on the front with plenty of tread. Could just be a very contentious tyre fitter.


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Not too sure about the Conti Sports. N1s may still be the current approved model. At each evolution of the tyre model they are given the Porsche approval number starting at N0.eg the Bridgestone S-02 got to N3 before it was superceded by the S-03 model. Don't take this as gospel (my car was built before there was any such thing as N ratings - so I don't worry about it!), but I think that is how the Porsche approval system works. Either way if you have matched and N rated tyres you are going to be alright, even if they are older stock as long as they are not past their 'sell by date' as such it does not mean that they are necessarily any worse than the more current N rated tyre. It's all very marginal stuff that I sincerely doubt any one of us is likely to be able to tell the difference between !


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(I've just had Conti Sport N2s fitted which I was told are current)

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What I suspect has happened is that the supplier of the tyres on your car had some older tyres still in stock and thus gave them to the dealer cheaper than the current N2's. Hence no-one is doing anything wrong, but you are not getting the newer tyre. Afer all, old tyres have to be used somehow and this is the perfect way. Not that you can do anything - you have two new tyres on which will be fine. Given when I bought mine for the rear they were £144 each, you've saved yourself a nice bit of cash. Think of it that way...


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Mixing N tyres...

The N rating is Porsche approved... in other words Porsche tested that tyre on the car and found it okay. For obvious reasons, no one, least of all Porsche are going to say that mixing N rated tyres is acceptable.

Definitely I have found differences between N rated tyres and non rated of the same make model. And I wouldnt want to mix N ratings on an axle, but N1 on the front and N? on the rear, well I dont suppose I would be worried.

Thats assuming you are on the same make, model all round.

Adrian Crawford. 911 secrets.com performance2and4.co.uk

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