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Mini CCTV help required please guys.


28 Oct 2010
I am after a small cctv device for my son, he is 10.
He has an iPad mini and an iPhone 3GS.
Ideally he would like to access the CCTV remotely so he can keep an eye on his Gecko when he is with me!
Any help appreciated guys.
Leave his iPad pointing at the little critter and Skype the iPad :?:
Sounds like you need a wireless (or even wired) IP camera. They've dropped significantly in price in recent years. You could even get one that worked in low light, with its own LEDs - might piss the gecko off though! There is at least one on Amazon that specifically mentions monitoring via iPhone or iPad.
Ive got 2 Tenvis IP cameras at home which work quite well inside. They don't work through glass very well though for example through a window to the outside although they do have decent night vision.

They're only cheap (about 40 quid each) and can be configured for access through the Web. Its a bit tricky setting them up if you're not IT literate as you have to broadcast your IP address via your router but full instructions can be found online.

Oh they are also 360 degree motorized so you can have fun moving them about while you're on holiday in the Algarve etc. They also have auto record if they sense movement which then emails you the video, so you can watch your house being burgled also while in the Algarve ;-)
Maplins have some reasonable kits.

| Maxie
Many thanks for the replies guys, it's appreciated.
The Telnet one looks ok so does the Googo!
My decision now is whether to opt for over the internet or just wifi at home where he lives with his mum. :dont know:

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