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Microfibre vs Chamois

Russell Fryett

New member
7 Oct 2005
Hi there,
A tip I picked up from the cleaning guide that came with from Mothers was to NOT use a chamois to dry the car, but to use a microfibre cloth.
I had heard this elsewhere too, e.g. Zymol's guff about using english cod-tanned chamois only (do cod have nationalities? :? ) .
Chamois can remove wax due to a suction effect created by the water being absorbed or something. This effect does not occur with microfibre cloths.
I tried using a microfibre cloth and I think that Mothers are right! Not only is the car quicker to dry, the cloth is easier to maintain and the wax DEFINITELY lasts longer. :D

I use a coarse-weave cloth initially to do the heavy soaking up, then a fine-weave cloth to finish off (make sure this one only feels lightly damp, not waterlogged, for best results) and a separate fine-weave for the windows. The results are close to faultless.

Hope it helps - anything to preserve the wax, especially Concourse :wink:

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Got to agree on the use of MF cloths on drying. Also very good for washing as well.

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Russell, where do you get your coarse weaves and fine weaves? I've only got one Zymol weave and a Meguiar's weave. Are those coarse or fine? Dunno.

Interesting tip, though. I'd have said that a chammy takes off the wax via fine abrasion rather than though some suction boll***s, though...

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Buy the blue MF from B&Q manufactured by Ettore. Puts the Zymol one to shame and has a long weave on one side and a fine weave on the other.

I use two to dry the car and it is always spotless.

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Cheers, fellas!

Ettore Bugatti, eh? The old devil...

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I have always found that 100% cotton towels, 75p from Tesco, do the trick. I also use two, one to get most of the water off, and one to finish. Works an absolute treat.


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I use one of those water blades made of silicon and then a conventional cotton towel.I find that this works very well and is quick to do.

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Water blades will put scratches into the car paintwork and cotton is not as good a MF.

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