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Michelin Pilot Sport 4S


Sao Paulo
16 Aug 2006
have just bought the Michelin PS4S after numerous recommendations I have seen, both here and from my Indy to go on my 997.1 Turbo.

Bought from well known online tyre seller, will be delivered and fitted on Wednesday, must applaud their customer service, though I'm sure its just a computer program that has flagged it and then then down to ar$e covering.

Anything to worry about ? Poorer performance ?

Previous to this I have always run the PS2 and been very happy with them.

Never had the Porsche warranty on the car so not an issue from that perspective.

I understood the PS4S had moved the game on from the PS2 which must be getting on for 10+ years old technology ?

The tyres you have selected may not be suitable for your car as these are not Porsche approved units.

All Porsche approved tyres are designated by an 'N" rating. This denotes that Porsche has approved the tyres for use on their vehicles and these tyres are constructed specifically to suit the power, suspension and handling characteristics.

We have come across instances where Porsche may not honour the warranty on vehicles fitted with non-approved tyres and as such we always recommend the use of the specific fitment. We have also had instances where customers have identified poorer performance as the results of switching away from 'N" rated tyres.

At *******.com we strive to help our customers make an informed decision on the tyres that they purchase. At this stage we are contacting you as a courtesy to make you aware of the potential impact of not choosing 'N" rated tyres, if you would like to discuss further options we would be more than happy to assist.
I had it on my GTS and was put on new by OPC. It is N rated for sure :what:
From the tyre point of view nothing to worry! They are good :thumb:
The Michelin PS4S is a very good tyre and I've no doubt you'll be suitably impressed.

The last time I checked, the PS4S was available in most 911 sizes but not all were 'N' rated: I know the official line on a non 'N' rated tyre will be that the tyre hasn't been developed with the unique handling characteristics of the 911, as part of its fine tuning but when you compare its performance to an older tyre design, its still going to be an improvement.

My impression is that whilst the PS4S might not have the absolute last degree of precision, it is a VERY GOOD all round sports tyre for the road: It rides well, wears well and most importantly (for me) has predictable break away characteristics in all weathers (unlike some I could mention - PZero - Cough).

I wouldn't have any concerns and look forward to hearing your thoughts when you've experienced them.
Although you can get the PS4S in N rating in certain Porsche sizes it tends to be the 981/991 series and not the earlier series that have the Porsche approval.

Although you can buy the PS4S in for example the 997 Turbo sizes, I'm not sure you can get an 'N' approved one.

Plenty of debate as to whether they are actually the same tyre, but I think the N rated ones are tweaked by Michelin so are probably slightly different.

PS4S is a great tyre though there are now newly launched Goodyear Supersport and Bridgestone Potenza Sport that are also highly rated as UUHP tyres.
I'll be very interested to see what you think about the PS4S vs the old PS2.

I've always really liked the PS2 and have bot long put some new ones on the front so it'll be a while before I'd change but I am curious.

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