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2 Dec 2002
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I surely would if I'd have something to talk about :roll:
. I'll use this post also to present myself - almost graduated, starting to work seriously, looking for a pile of cash (not that big one) to buy a 80 - 84 911 SC 8)
... well maybe in a few years.

And BTW really cool place you've got here

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Welcome Gekko. SC's are still coming down in price - it is not unusual to find them under £10k so perhaps you won't have to wait as long as you think!

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Hi Gekko.

Good luck with your search for a pile of cash! Banks usually have a few...

Surely you have things to say? A lot of what goes on here isn't to do entirely with porsche... :wink:

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Hi Gekko

Welcome. You'll find that noony is the font of all knowledge on matters 911 but he knows sod all about Banks. I work in one and there's no cash here. Try betting shops or your local milkman (if you have one)

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Heres some news. My Wife has just given birth to our second child, a baby brother for my daughter and I bought a 993 2 weeks ago.

So my wife has her baby and I have mine! :D


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Congratulations, Gatekeeper...on both counts!

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Congratulation gatekeeper

Life dont get sweeter :D

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So where are all the billions our businessmen(women) and other in "higher positions" and ofcourse politicians are talking about?? :eek:

Oh and we don't have milkmen, so where to look now? :wink:

But I have to say I'll soon be one step closer to my dreams - today I heard there will be a Porsche meeting on Sunday not far from my place (well Slovenia is small anyway) so I hope I'll have a chance to get a ride in some :D

and congratulations Gatekeeper.

'nuf said

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Congrats Gatekeeper, start the countdown for changing to Espace :D


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Or Cayenne :wink:

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Roughly only 2 mill. people live in Slovenia! I was bored in geography today so looked at all the populations of countries in the back of my textbook...

Careful you lot who don't post, I'll get you somehow! (private messages :wink: )

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Thanks for all the messages of congratulations, I trust the cards and gifts are all in the post :D

For those that also have children or thinking of having them and the wife is giving you a hard time to sell the car becuase she says you won't be able put the baby in the back. Tell her that it is possible.

With a small temporary modification, basically I had to remove one of the rear seat backs (only requires a screw driver), I was able to fit the rear facing car seat in the back. Its a nice tight fit, probably tighter than in our other car (BMW 3-series.....ok ok don't give me a hard time!), so its not going anywhere.


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Our very own administrator has a baby seat facing forward in his 993, so no need to make them face backwards. Baby must get a nice view out of the glass roof though!

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Well he doesn't get to see anything at the moment, since we've put a small sun blind in the rear window to keep the sun off.

But he's in a great position to listen to the sound track from the engine :)

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