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Maybe not discussed yet...

Pete Harris

Active member
8 Mar 2004

Been lurking here for a while but this is my first post so bear with me.....

I've read most of the postings on the various merits of 996 vs 993 et al and it's been the best source of information I've found so far (kudos for sharing your knowledge). However I still have a couple of questions which I haven't seen discussed

I'm looking to spend 35k on a 911 (prob the 996), so based on the following assumptions:-

1) Early 996 (97 - 99) trade at a 'discount' to later 9932) Prefer the interior of the 996 3) Girlfriend to drive this also so the less of a handful the better in many ways4) Given I have no great love of 993 over 996 I currently see better 'value' in the 9965) I'm already sold on the PPI service and have read the buying guides available on this site.

The questions I still have are:-

1) Likely depreciation on 996 (price seems to level out for the 98/99 models, that is, holding at the 30-35k mark for 50k mile example). Given the 997 doesn't represent a quantum leap IMO (especially in shape which I understand is why most people don't like the 996) any opinions on likely price drop for the 98/99 models when the 997 comes out.2) total cost of ownership. On an annual basis I'm estimating 5k excluding petrol(800 tyres, 400 service, 2k depreciation based on 6k a year mileage, 1500 Insurance, 160 road tax, add cost of capital on the purchase cost of the car if you like financial modelling). How does this compare to other people's experiences3) What factory fixes should have been done on the 98/99 9964) I've heard mention that the early 996 has some build quality issues (rattles etc). Can these be addressed (tightening bolts on panel fitments etc)

Thanks for any information.


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Running costs are quite smaller, lower for the 996 than the 993. I have just had mine serviced at Northway (excellent) cost about £300 inlcuding fitting pads (I supplied) and brake fuilid.

Rattles are a problem but most can be ironed out but completley - some of it down to the fact that its a sport car - harder ride etc.

I don't think , hope, that 997 will that much of an impact on price for 98/99's. More likely to on newer 996's.

Insurance can be under a grand.

Make sure that the car you buy has had its 4 year service - this is a big service including changing the polyrib belt - main dealer cost for this service is well over a grand.


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Great. Thanks for the advice.

I hear you on 997 effect the earlier 996 values. Seems to me the floor is holding around the 30k mark.



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Servicing - i've just ahd mine done at JZ - full 24k service, new pads and discs all round, tiptronic service, new brake fluid and a few odds and bobs - came to around 1700 quid!

Look at the JZ Machtech site for a comparison of servicing costs from their menus.

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The basic cost of a Porsche 4 year (48k) service on a 3.4l 996, without any extras such as tyres, brake pads/disc, is around £600 inc VAT. Always phone a few Porsche dealers near to you as in the south east hourly rate can range from £75 to £95 (+VAT).

If you're not bothered about FPSH then I can also recommend JZ Machtech as being helpful, knowledgeable, and cheaper! (I have no connection with them other than being a satisfied customer.)

Interesting fact #343: Porsche don't change the oil filter on a 12/36k service, only the oil.

Give Porsche a call with your VIN and they'll tell you what fixes should have been done on your car and whether they have been. There's only a couple.

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