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Nicola Pantone

New member
30 Jan 2007
Hello, i have been a porsche owner for the last 3 years (993 carrera S and now 993 carrera 4). Both my porsche had manyal gearbox that i really enjoyed. I'm looking to buy a 996 turbo and here comes the classic question for you. Should I go for manual or tiptronic. Many thanks for ur help.

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Hi Nicola and welcome....looks like you are having the same dilema that I just had.

"Should I go for manual or tiptronic. "

It will be your car....go for which you prefer to drive. Try both and make your own informed choice.

I have an auto for the daily grind to work but bought a manual TT at the weekend. Reading around this and other forums the 996 TT is less involved to drive than early versions and would be even easier with an auto box. What are you buying it for?

I am sure that irrespective of the transmission you will have fun :)

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I leave in HK, i use the car on a daily basis but i don't get stucked in traffic as i used to do in London. I have 20 minutes comuting every morning on narrow bended roads (very nice).I would definetly gor for manual if i could but 90% of porsches in Hk are tiptronic...I just can't picture myself driving witout manual gearbox...I will probably try a tiptronic and then decide.

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Hi Folks,not really about Tip or manual but 2 cars to consider?

I am looking at a manual truly Mint and total spec 996 C2 2003 with aero kit and very low miles to @ a 996 C4S 2002 Tiptronic for not a great deal of difference in price + 2K its a bit harder to decide as really 2K over an already high budget but you feel depreciation will be better over say five years.. (I tend to hold onto cars) and 57 now.. Obviously the C" has no four wheel drive but does have Sport chassis,has anyone tried both? regards John G

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John - for the driving experience I would go for the C4S (even though it is a tip), it will also hold it value better, IMO.

But you need to try a tip as some people don't like them at all. May put you off the car completely. C4S is also awesome to look at. :D

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Thanks a lot - I had same feeling and it really answered my own question,though the other car was awsome to look at and totally loaded,longer term being around London and the traffic its going to do all I need in Tip - I have had a go in a Cab 4 and a late Boxster S so I think I could live with a Tip on C4s .many thanks JG

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I have owned manual and tip 964, manual and tip 996, and now a tip 996 turbo. I think the tip is always a bit of a compromise for those of us who have back problems and/or use the car in town but a more than acceptable one with the extra torque of the turbo. The non-turbo motor in the 996 needs a bit of torque tuning to work well with the auto box.

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