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Major problems following lay-up


New member
8 Apr 2007
Just come to start car - 84 Carrera - following a 6 month lay-up. Car would not turn over. Battery ok - but engine will not turn over. Tried towing vehicle to bump start but as soon as clutch was dumped the wheels locked. I think engine is seized. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do other than an engine out rebuild?

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re-mortgage the house or sell a kidney would probably be a good start ! Sorry to hear you have some trouble, I',m sure you'll get good advice here.

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very likely the oil has settled down to the bottom of the engine, causing the engine to seize, if that has happened then it's not good news, as there is a certain method to start a car that has been idle for a long time

won't mean a rebuild, although only a garage can confirm this, but if it has seized it could mean opening up to get lubricated and in an able state

but it needs to get to a garage

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Bad news, needs garage attention I believe. As you know now these cars need to be used.

Good luck, I think it should be ok but do get a Porsche specialist to do the work.

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After a sleepless night thinking the worst! £££££££ the issue has been resolved, but I still dont know the cause. Charged battery overnight just in case it was a bit low. Tried it again but still no joy. Set up to remove starter, then plugs but prior to begining thought what would happen if I tried to turn the engine using the pulley wheel below the fan. Used 19mm spanner on center nut (would not turn in clockwise direction) turned back approx 1 turn relatively easily. Had my son turn ignition key and hey presto it fired first time. Exhaust very smoky initially but calmed down after 5 mins. Lesson - try starting / using car more frequently to prevent a reoccurance. Any ideas on what it could have been?

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Rust maybe?

Glad its ok

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