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Major noise from rear....giant kazoo


6 Dec 2020

Appreciate any help

My 2004 996tt has developed a major noise at the rear. It's there from ignition/idle and seems to diminish somewhat at speed. It seems to get worse or vary....even at standstilll when i move the steering wheel.

I have also noticed some unidentified leaks from the middle/frontish of the car.

Could this level of noise...unbearable vibrating/kazoo-like be something to do with power steering pump? Are there other potential causes...at first i honestly thought my air filter had something trapped to make a kazoo or that it was loose. Belts and pulleys? Lifters?

Note...i had parked it with no noticeable noise and the noise was there at start up 8 hrs later.

Any help appreciated

Cheers, Karl
I noticed that when my power steering oil ran dry there was a whining noise that was linked to the clutch and apparently the p/s motor is linked to the clutch. Best thing to do is check the level of your p/s oil first.
There's a decent chance that it's PAS rack/return pipe related, the symptoms sound similar to what I'd dealing with at the moment.
Thanks all

I did get a note on rack lines corroded....so deifnitely prime suspect.

Hopefully just low on fluid and nothing damaged ...will get pipes/leak checked to

Cheers, karl
Does the turbo have coil pack covers? On a different car the coil pack cover was only securely fixed one end and it was like a tuning fork at certain revs!

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