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Main Dealer or Indy?


New member
25 Feb 2024
My 991.1 C2S Cabriolet (56k miles) is soon to turn 12 and has, until now, only ever been serviced by Porsche Reading. It's due a fair bit of work at it's next major service including belt, brake fluid, etc.

Porsche would charge me £1900 and quality indies want £1300. I'm sure the indies would be just as good (if not better) but, given the full PSH up to this point, would it be foolish to stop now?

I'm very torn so interested in a few more opinions...
rarely is it only the quite price, watch out for all the extras
noting wrong with a quality indy, which one are you using ?
Have you checked High Wycombe? Reading will be a bit more pricey.
My Cayman is all Reading till now but might switch to Bristol or Exeter for the next.
How long do you intend to keep the car? If it’s keeper then Indy, otherwise buyers can get tunnel vision re “full Porsche service history”, probably easier to sell in future if you maintain it. Wrongly, in my personal view, I wouldn’t trust an OPC with a chocolate bar let alone my Porsche 😂
That's my feeling too, I'd only be using an OPC to preserve the car's value. It's hard to say which costs you more in the long run; going to Porsche or not going to Porsche.

I had exactly the same decision with my last car, Aston Martin Vantage, and ended up sticking with the main dealer. I'm certain that paid off when I sold it in February this year.
I too have a 2012 991.1 and have it serviced by my OPC which is necessary to continue the validation of my Porsche extended warranty. At the time of purchase the warranty was more a priority than the thought of maintaining value in the car, given the expensive issues that might crop up in time. Another aspect of the Porsche warranty is that in a private sale, whatever might be left on the warranty can be transferred to the new owner, which can perhaps add a degree of security for any possible purchaser..?

I have read where it is suggested that a full OPC service history may be only worth an extra £500 or so in a trade in, and when I bought my 3 year extended warranty it cost circa £3k, thus your guess is as good as mine relative to the way the numbers might work out in time, however having either or both OPC servicing and a Porsche warranty would seem likely to be thought of an advantage for any buyer and as such might make your Porsche more attractive than others to any potential buyer...?

In my case I had three change over valves (COV`s) fitted under the warranty, which is due to expire in a few months, quite how the likely cost of that task might equate to the initial £3k warranty outlay..?

I am looking at renewing the extended warranty as the current one expires..quite how that might work out in time.... who knows...?

I suspect the other aspect in this scenario is the value one might attribute to the peace of mind when pondering the cost benefit analysis...?

Good luck in your decision making...(y)
I too have a 12 plate 991.1 and its had full OPC history up until now, Mines booked into Northway for its 12 year major with a few other items, all in for £1224.
A very good respected indy to me is far better than any "plug in a laptop" OPC unless you have a warranty to keep going.... just my opinion!
12 year old car - your local trusted mechanic at half the price that's getting quoted off your Indy.
get the quote from Indy and ask OPC to match-there is an easy 20% margin in PC cost that they can absorb on request
991.1 I’d expect solenoid/COV on the vacuum system to be an issue at some point along with the water pump. All the items are not expensive and easy enough to do by a competent Indy. The labour knocks the price up and that’s the balance of whether the extended warranty costs are recovered by any work undertaken.

If the OPC price of £1,900 is only £600 more than the Indy price, I’m questioning the labour costs of the Indy as that price difference looks too narrow to me. That said if it is that close the OPC is the way I’d go if keeping the full OPC history and any warranty is a priority. You’ll likely come away with a list of other stuff or a phone call advising you of other ‘issues’.
@BenK use OPC for minor and major services and then use a reputable Porsche independent specialist for specific jobs (i.e. brakes, suspension, exhaust etc).

This way the book remains stamped by Porsche (which preserves its value) and your general maintenance bill is reduced (as services tend to be fixed prices, whereas jobs will be dependent on the labour rate, which can vary significantly between OPC and an independent).

I find it is also beneficial to have a second pair of eyes on the car. Sort of like a four eyes check where your independent can point out any work which the OPC has bodged or has missed altogether.
Yes that's what I've decided to do too, and booked in with an OPC (got them down a little to £1800 so it's a £500 premium). If they find anything additional it will be going to an Indy. Thanks to all who contributed, and Zingari thank for bringing the solenoid/COV issue to my attention. I just did some interesting reading about this.

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