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M3 vs 911


18 Oct 2005
Morning All,

Hope everyones 911 is going well !

So has anyone actually traded up from an E46 M3 to a 993/996 c2.

The reason I ask is, will I miss the power of the M3 ? The straight line poke of the M3 is pretty serious.

Thanks for your comments in advance.


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just taken an M3 in part exchange 2001 51 23,000 miles that i sold a customer 3 years ago,

he bought a 996 C2 from me 03 facelift car

The steering on the M3 is lifeless

Although the M3 has more BHP the 911 seems to be have more traction especially above 80 MPH

you wont miss the m3

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I have to agree about the steering on the M3...It is useless ! Well steers the car but too light and no feedback.

My old Veedubs, give a more involving drive and they are alot of fun.... even in this day and age !


PS. Got a buyer for the 850R !

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If I may put in my two pennyworth

A friend of mine has a chipped and derestricted M3 (53 plate) It is turning out 393bhp with a claimed top speed of 182mph and a 0 - 60 sprint of 4.7 secs.

Up and til recently I have always had BM's and used to look forward to my mate leaving his car for me to look after when he was going abroad (I live near Gatwick so am often used as a free airport parking service) The other weekend he came down and we took both cars out for a "spin". There was nothing in it in terms of acceleration. If anything I would say my 996 had a bit more after 90mph (Sorry officer I mean't 60mph) although I might be slightly biased.

The big thing for me though was driving his car back from the airport. As said further up this thread the steering was light and lifeless. The noise was nothing compared to the 911 and the enjoyment was just not there. Needless to say with a 996 and an M3 on the drive I only used one car while he was away....It wasn't the M3!

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........not to mention the exit speed from corners when you get that rear end to hook up just right.

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The M3 is a superb car- a great engine, excellent handling. They look good too, and have lots of appealing on-board gadgets. The mix of 4 seater + luggage everyday usability makes it a great 'I can only have one car' proposition. The M3 is certainly more refined, which is either a good or a bad thing, depending on the circumstances. I'd love to own one, but not instead of my 993.

The 993 has a good deal of practicality, and FWIW I reckon would be cheaper to service. It has loads more character too.

I test-drove an E46 M3 Cab, and it felt no faster than my vario 993, in fact the 993 felt faster (even though it isn't it I dare say, although the figures are very similar) because you feel more "connected".

I am certain you won't miss the M3- I can't imagine going out for a drive in an M3 just for the hell of it...


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well early E-46 M3's were within my price range but i wanted summat special and ever since ive been a kid 911's have been the car i've always aspired to own........besides up here the E-46 M3 is getting so much like its E-36 M3 predecesor which was far too common a sight............tho i'd love to have the bottle and go out and buy an E-30 M3

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Thanks for all your feedback.

I think I'd agree with you all on the performance front. I have had a couple of run-ins with a few c2 & c4's and there has not been anything in it.

Great car for the money, but just doesn't have the x-factor, too common not great on the handleing front either....as already mention the steering is very light and un-communicitive.

911 on the cards !


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Insurance and maintenance far cheaper - On the Porker!!


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by LOJO on 20 October 2005

Insurance and maintenance far cheaper - On the Porker!!


and surely better residual value with the Porker

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