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lwf stalling


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1 Sep 2005
Since having the LWF conversion my car has an intermittent stalling issue...wasnt so bad to begin with but has become more unpredictable.This a.m. was coming to a junction and it stalled...I was still rolling so poppped the clutch to jump it again and the revs started to hunt like mad eventually sticking at 3000! was a very noisy drive to work-any ideas on a cure?Apologies in advance if this has already been raised....

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it has been raised before , but you'l be pleased to know there was a cure, except i dont remember what the cure was exactly. Try doing a search?

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is your car a early model?

I've been considering it for a while, the stalling issue did bother and put me off a bit, but I think you can "dial" that out but re-chipping the ECU or something.

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Try resetting the ECU by leaving the battery disconnected for 2 hours or so...

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Actually I did leave the battery dissconnected for a while and it seems to have helped....its a bit more predictable now....p.s.Butzi mines a 1995 non V C4...

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I had a lwf and rs clutch on my old 993, there are three cures, they are:

1) have the Idle Stabilisation Valve cleaned out, its detailed in p-car.com or get someone like JZM to do it.

2) Get the ECU re-mapped and at the same time increase the idle rpm slightly, a re-map is a good idea anyway.

3) change how you drive the car, you need to leave the car in gear when slowing down to allow the revs to drop slowly, when the car seems like it is below 700 rpm the ECU cuts in and increases the revs, the reason it stalls is because you are dipping the clutch whilst the engine is revving high, the resultant loss in drive causes the engine to slow too quickly and ecu doesn't have time to react. BTW it should only cut out in damp and cold conditions until the engine warms up properly.

hope this helps.

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Cheers Poon, that has also reassured me a bit about the stalling problem. I tend to drive the way you described anyway so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I think Ill go for the LWF too on my next clutch change.

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Poon everytime I post something on here you come up with the answer which invariably ends up costing me a fortune...lol

I now have LWF,Motorsound airbox,strutbrace...what next?

I can see a remap on the cards now...

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Out of interest do Rs's cut out in the same way? Or are they programmed in some other way?

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