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lumpy sluggish on starting


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15 Jun 2010
ive owned my car for over 2 yrs now, and always found it starts with no need to press the accelerator, just turn the key, it fires up and ticks over, just recently its been needing a slight push on the accelerator, but now it needs a pump on the accelerator to start it, and it will often be slightly lumpy for a second or two until its up to 800rpm, once its up to tick over its fine, no problems.. could it be a auto choke problem ? ive changed my maf once before, about 8,000 miles ago, so hope that not at fault, its had a service, but is due a major service in about 6,000 miles, considering bringing that forward and getting it done now ? or do you think if i was to get my local garage to change my spark plugs it may cure it ? or clean the maf, or air filter !
booked into northway porsche ltd nr reading on 2nd Jan for some investigation and TLC, also having the OBC stalk installed and wired, and programmed.. want my smooth running , smooth starting 911 back ...

anyone dealt with Northway Porsche ltd ?
I've had servicing done at Northway, good independent in my experience, any doubt and they'll speak you through everything and keep you updated on the going with your car. :thumb:
hopefully it's straightforward and it sounds like you've taken it to a good place. So many potential things it could be that I think you've done the right thing to get the experts on it.
weebz said:
I've had servicing done at Northway, good independent in my experience, any doubt and they'll speak you through everything and keep you updated on the going with your car. :thumb:

yeah, the technicians seem really helpfull, took the time to talk with me on the phone, even said if i was passing to pop in they would plug into computer quickly to check any fault codes :)
So far so good, Ray just called from Northway, I dropped it off this morning at silly oclock, think it was 9.30 !!! and I have a suspect oxygen sensor thats telling the engine that its -27 degrees outside, thus chucking fuel in by the bucket load !! hes changing that then keeping it overnight to try a cold start in the morning.. hes also unprogrammed the annoying door lock when you drive off, does my head in that does.. and cleared out my drain holes front and back, as my carpets on passenger side are now sopping wet with the rain weve just had .. and is fitting the OBC stick and programming that too.. so all in all im a happy bunny at the moment.. will report back tomorrow when i get the call to collect :) best thing about Northway Porsche is a main dealer right next door full of parts ..
Sounds like a good result - did they say if the O2 sensor threw any fault codes (I assume so)?
Got car back today, what a releif, drives so much better, think the oxygen sensor was playing up for some time, chucking in fuel by the bucket load !
did a few extra bits as well, as my drain where blocked something cronic!
Can only reccomend Northway Porsche in Reading, really helpfull, friendly and well priced
what they did....
Diagnose poor running from cold
Traced to bank 1 oxygen sensor ahead of cat
replaced sensor , cleared code, tested from cold - ok
replaced worn drive belt
unblocked baulkhead and cab drains for water ingress
fit supplied OBC stalk and make up wiring harness, code onto instrument cluster
Re code alarm system so as not to auto lock doors on driving ( this used to drive me nuts )
washed and hoovered..

all for 449.12 plus vat , so total £538.94

im a happy man, i expected worse !!!

so al in all ive had the car over two years, and really the only things to replace or go wrong have been.

1 x maf
1 x alternator
1 x water pump
1 x starter motor
3 x drive belt
2 x oxygen sensors
1 x drop link

all the rest ive done, suspension, wheels, tyres, exhaust, full paint, 996-997 modification have all cost me the earth, but the actual servicing costs/running costs have been quite good, under 2k for 2 1/2 yrs ownership :) who says porsches cost a fortune to run !!!

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