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Lotus Emira First Look


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2 Feb 2005
It looks like a Ferrari that's been squeezed at each end, and the middle has bulged. It's higher than it should be, looks a bit odd. I'm sure it'll be great to drive though.

The V6 manual is going to be circa £85k I was reading, so for that money I think a GT4 would be my preference.
But £85k in 2022 is new £60k from 2020. How much would a good spec cayman be next year?
If they can keep it near the suggested £60k mark, then surely these will fly out the showrooms... I'd definitely be tempted :)
My brother-in-law had an Elise and got out in it a few times. This has sort of jaundiced my view of Lotus cars.

So the Emira is very nice in the photos, but still have that "kit car image" in the back of my head, so the Cayman would win every time on similar pricing,
Even if the Emira was priced 25% less, would still go for the Cayman.
Winny911 said:
But £85k in 2022 is new £60k from 2020. How much would a good spec cayman be next year?

Are you buying from OPC Bueno Aires with that level of inflation? The GT4 starts at £76,530.00. Gives you circa £10k for options. And hopefully getting a slot will be easier towards the end of the year.
Dunno just going on the way house prices and used car prices have shot up this year. Won't be long in 2022 that cayman will be £85k!
Winny911 said:
But £85k in 2022 is new £60k from 2020. How much would a good spec cayman be next year?

My GT4 order comes out at £90k and that's without PCCB's etc, expect delivery late in the year
Would be interested to see it in the real world. The dual clutch with AMG engine could be good 8)
I haven't had time to watch a single vid on these yet but I love the concept and looks of them.

When I read the £60k price I thought 'I'm getting one!", but as mentioned, at £85k that's a whole other market. I'd want the V6, not the AMG 4 pot.

Paint to sample in Porsche Viola would be nice. If Lotus offer PTS that is. :?:
In fact I think Lotus offer a nice blackberry/purple colour anyway.

I'll watch some vids when I get sat down tonight but I'm keen. Put it this way the only brand new sub-£100k car I've thought 'want one!" about in the last few years, was the V6 Exige when that launched.
I do like the Evora too.
I saw several in the flesh today at Goodwood FOS and they look very nice (I think it suits darker colours better).

Personally I like my sports cars to be manual and that means the V6 and that means £85K. That or a GT4 - if you can get an allocation. Hmmm.

Whatever, it's nice to have a choice and it's great that there is investment in Lotus
I'm a Lotus fan and I've never had one; this new one looks amazing in my view - it could only be a Lotus. And for what it's worth, the AMG 2.0T DCT/Sport version would be my choice. Definitely on the list.
Yep they look great. I watched a few vids last night.
Only 5 colours available but I'm sure they'll be nice. I'd want the V6 though so that's £85k.
Still impressive with styling cues from the Hypercar and it's the last fully ICE car Lotus are going to build. I'm just not sure I love it £25k more than my GT3. :?:

Doubt I could live with the 4pot. One of the young lads at work has the A45 AMG and he took me out in it. Nice and quick but it didn't set my pants on fire.
No way its £25k better than your Gt3. Not even close.

It looks lovely but £60k for a 4pot is a no from me.

It's good to see some real investment with them and they do seem to be taking things a lot more seriously. However if it were a choice of Gt4 or this I know which way my money would go.

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