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Losing the whaletail part2


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13 Nov 2002
Anyone know if an '82SC engine lid will bolt straight onto a 89 3.2? I'm guessing everything will be the same but would like to be sure before I take the plunge.

If this doesn't come off I quite fancy the 964 pop-up type. Does this also bolt straight on? I know Jamie S mentioned it earlier. My car (hopefully) shouldn't suffer any clearance probs as I have no aircon.



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Q1 - Yes, straight bolt on job

Q2 - No, need to shift the hinges. Basic job for a bodywork bloke though. Also you will have to rig up a system for raising and lowering the spoiler. Standard route is to add a switch in the cabin and do it manually. Doing automatically is a bit tricky - have to rig it up to speedo or something.

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There's a thread on the Pelicanparts forum on putting a 964 lid on a 3.2. I can't find it right now to post a link but it is on there somewhere !

As for the 82SC lid, as James says, it will bolt straight on (as will any lid right back to '69 I think). How much did you pay ? (really shouldn't be more than £150). It cost me £180 cash to have mine sprayed and fitted, it should be a bit less for you as you have no aircon condensor to switch over. It does look good, I'm glad I had mine done ! I would have gone for the 964 type if it was an option, but it would undoubtedly cost more to do (I've see 964 lids in the small ads for up to £350 !)

Whilst I've still not had my car up to 'warp speed' I really can't say that I've noticed any impact on handling - so unless you intend to drive like a nutter I wouldn't let the scare stories put you off.


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Jamie, have you any before and after pics yet?

I've not bought it yet and am pretty indecisive! It's cheap (£50) so I suppose if I don't like it I'll always get my money back. I really fancy a pop-up one though. I've also toyed with a 2.7RS style ducktail, but I guess that would be even harder to track down unless anyone's doing re-pro ones.


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I need to borrow a mate's digital camera before I can post a before and after - I'll get around to it at some point.

As for the ducktail I think that would look really odd on a 3.2 - there are re-pro oneas around, here for instance ......

For £50 I would 'ave 'is arm off !!! As you say, you'd easily get your money back and it's not a major hassle to change between the two. It's a no brainer in my book - spoilerless lids are in big demand, you'd get much more than £50 if you decided you didn't like it.

That said, if you can find one at a decent price and are prepared to fork out to have it fitted I'd go for the pop-up spoiler. There are some around as plenty of people seem to upgrade to GT2/3 bi-plane types.

Either way, get on and do it, you won't regret it ! (if you like the more classic look that is !!!)


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Well Jamie I've gone and bought the plain lid. It arrived last week & I managed to get it for £40 in the end (including postage!) as it has no grille. It originally had a spoiler on it, so I've got a few holes to weld up but thats no problem. Any ideas where I'll find a grille? I also managed a MPH speedo off the same guy for £50, so I'm quite pleased with myself at the moment. At least now I can easily see how fast I'm going!

I've made a start on my "new" look by lowering the front. I've just got to do the back now but it looks better already.

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Well done Nathan ! As far as finding a grille goes no real suggestions I'm afraid other than trying all the usual suppliers / breakers in the back of PP or 911 & PW. Just think of all the extra weight you'll be adding with that welding though ! :wink:

ps Long way from Yorkshire I know, but why not come down to the 3.2 register / Titanic vist to JZ Machtech on Sat 4th April ? Should be interesting. with plenty of like-minded people to bore to death with general Porsche geekery (I think I just invented that word !). They're doing dyno runs too, so you can see just how feeble your US specced motor really is !!!!!! (joke)


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Thanks for the invite Jamie, I'll have to see how I'm fixed at the time. Oh, and I know how feeble my motor is!! I do feel a bit inadequate with the US spec motor but thats all I can complain about. At least when I had it on the dyno it had all the power it should have had. :)


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