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Looking to Get First Porsche

Like most cars even a good one can go wrong but the best way to start is one that has had loads of the 'usual' 996 bits done recently, Its an old car but don't be too scared of It! find a good specialist near you if you can and they can look after things going forward, lots of horror stories online don't help but the main thing is to go into ownership with a little budget to getting things tip top as and when required.

clutch change? (might be lower miles and not used hard so could be fine)
IMS upgrade? or is 3.4 maybe not needed?
AC condensers / Radiators in nice condition and check the pipes that run to the back. these get battered by stones and can get damaged nothing too drastic.
Brakes lines can get corroded over time like all cars!
water pump changed? mine failed again nothing too bad to fix
plugs and coil packs changed recently?
suspension bushes and arms done recently?

Good regular service history will pick up on these things above If done by places that know what to look for, all the above is likely to have been done some twice over by now!

Stuff like corroded exhausts and bolt on and off parts you can sort as time goes on. I'm sure there are much more qualified guys on here than me but as said above these are things that can go wrong on most cars of this age but with Porsche It can be costly for certain parts, so can BMW though! I know from owning M3's etc I'd have given you a long list of things to look for or check that been done If buying a e90 M3 or the like.
I’ve just bought my first 996 after having had two 986 Boxsters. Agree with everyone on checking that a few of the bits have been done in recent years (suspension or brakes or rads or condensers etc) and putting £2k aside for the first year.

First 986 was from a specialist with a good reputation, second 986 was private so had a pre-sale inspection at Precision Porsche (excellent), the 996 was from a specialist I’ve been using for 5+ years and trust (Purely9). All have which have been great.

I’ve never bought from Phil Raby, though he has been around Porsche for decades, has a great reputation and was very helpful when I called to discuss a car he’s selling.

In short, if I was buying privately I’d definitely get it inspected (c. £300), possibly not if buying from a reputable specialist with a warranty (c. £2,000 premium).

The 986 and 996 might be mechanically 90% the same, but, that 10% makes a huge difference.
Thanks for the reply. I have 3 other cars, so it wouldn’t be pressed into service much. More for fun. Values for M140is have dropped recently but I’m hoping to get a 996 for the value of my BMW, if possible.
Hi, I will shortly have for sale a 996 C4 that will be on the cheaper end of the scale and was my first foray into Porsches.

It's modified to have a GT3 body kit on it and 997 headlights at the front. It's had a full respray by a previous owner in a great blue colour but then they have painted the spoiler and lower lip / side skirts orange.

It's coming up to 118k miles but has been a great car for me. Used it as the daily for 2 years, then weekends for the last few years. It's been to Budapest and back via the Stelvio Pass along the way.

Drop me a message if it might interest you.

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