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Looking for a clutch setup with good feel, not stiff, 550bhp


New member
4 Apr 2022
I picked this beauty up late last year, and the clutch is starting to slip in high gears so it's time to bite the bullet.

It currently has a completely stock clutch, which I was surprised to hear considering it's making about 550bhp. It's been on that clutch for about 60k miles.

I've never been very happy with the clutch feel, I find it has a long travel, a short engagement point, but I can't feel that engagement point through my leg at all. This means it's very hard to launch, and easy to stall. It's also very grabby if I don't get the revs right. I don't know if this is normal for the stock clutch or it's just worse because it's on its last legs? Reading through this classic rennlist thread everybody seems to be describing the same sort of thing: https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/343297-improved-clutch-action-dramatically.html.

I haven't tried removing the clutch assist spring that they're talking about that thread, it looked like it would be a nightmare to get it back on if I didn't like how it felt removed.

So I'm looking for recommendations for a clutch setup that can handle 550bhp (any?), that I can feel the biting point through the pedal, but isn't ridiculously stiff and a pain in the arse to drive in traffic. Thoughts?


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Are you sure your accumulator (sphere) is not broken ?

I have the sachs gt2 Rs clutch in and it is spot on , no slip at all. Feels perfect

But I did have to replace the sphere as that was not working correctly, made it heavy
Speak to 9e or JZM. Sachs 890 is what you want. 8)

You can get rid of the hydraulic assistance and have a much more predictable release. I personally wouldn't I prefer the lighter assisted clutch.
I had the 890 Sachs fitted no issues with the extra boost
I also have the sachs 890nm clutch, doesnt slip at all but biting point is right at the top of the pedal which I dislike. You get used to it the more often you drive the car

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