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Long-term P desirability under threat?

Maxy M

24 May 2004
There's a VERY good article by Peter Morgan in current 911 & Porsche World about the availability and cost of parts for Porsches, together with the implications for maintenance, cost of ownership and residual values. All rather closely linked to Porsche's switch from niche manufacturer of sports cars to volume manufacturer of, er, sporty cars, and Porsche not really being oriented to enthusiasts.

Is this the first hint of controversy in 911&PW? If so, that's welcome; I think it could do with a bit of attitude. As it is, it tends to be a bit bland: 'it's Porsche, it must be marvellous'.

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an interesting piece.... it certainly raises a few questions about the long term viability of the 996...

and that Porsche are becoming like any other mass producer (?)

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Yes, a good article. It will certainly make ownership more expensive. However, I believe in human ingenuity and where there is a demand a "specialist" will crop up that can strip and repare items.

A good example is ECUs. These were initially replacement only items on most vehicles, however, there are now specialists cropping up that can repair and rebuild.

Just my two cents worth.


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Good point, PP; let's hope you're right.

But it's useful to reflect on the impact of higher production volumes. I suspect the rate of increase in supply is unlikely to be matched by that of increase in demand, so depreciation will be be rather steeper, especially if cost of maintenance is higher. Depreciation curves will be more like those for BMWs, maybe.

The upside to this is that cars will be more affordable, but whether prices of older ones will be very stable - as they are now for 911s up to the 993 - is another matter.

Naturally a modern, volume Porsche will still be a great drive, but it won't be quite so special - there will be (are) a lot more of them out there. Distinctive, head-turning? Don't think so. Icons of automotive engineering excellence? Hmm. Not like they used to be. About the same as an M3 or an AMG Mercedes.

I think Porsche needs to maintain its competition heritage (as Peter Morgan has said in the past). That way it'll continue to engage with real enthusiasts and ensure that the marque remains apart from (even) more mainstream brands such as BMW and Mercedes.

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