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Logo help needed


30 Jan 2003

I have just got my personalised plate paperwork back from DVLA and want to put the following logo underneath the registration, however the pixel content is very low and when enlarged the image is very pixelated.

Has anyone got a larger version they could post or let me have, any other type of logo suggestions would also be helpful,

BTW the new plate is B19 RSR


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And the logo is......?

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Sorry poon can't allow it, false advertising, buy a real RSR, only £75k???

I'll try n find one.

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I already got the same one as your first effort from the Porsche website.

Come on you can do better than that

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It might be worth trying to find out what the font is then there a number tools available for creating high res image - looking at the font it can't be that rare

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I have downloaded a few porsche fonts, but they all seem to be for PC's! I am a mac man.

Don't even think about it Noony!

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You could buy a real RSR...then a real computer :D

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the real RSR I would like, but a PC no thanks, I use a Dell laptop for work, PC's have been hit by both ends of the ugly stick, whereas the macs are pure style.

eventually software will be mac'able, anyway I'll just run it on Virtual PC!

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Who cares what they look like, they're there to serve a purpose, not to look good! And Macs can't serve a purpose because no one can be bothered to rewrite software for the 2% of computer users that use Macs!

About the logo, I heard it's illegal to use porsche fonts because they're all copyrighted. For example on a new 996, you can choose whatever script you like for the entrance guards, but they don't allow you to use the porsche font.

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I hope you don't apply your logic to your women and future cars!

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Lol! Don't worry, I won't. But with computers, do you want something that works well, or looks ok-ish(a bit queer imo)and very few things work for it???

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All joking aside, I use my mac for the following things:

Digital photography
Digital video (future)
Music (I have got over 3000 tracks on itunes), I use it a stereo in my dining room, with my Harmon kardons
Games (mainly kids)
Word, excel and Powerpoint all on Microsoft office
Only the odd obscure software doesn't work, the new OSX platform is brilliant, I had never used a mac before I bought it. A friend of mine is a IT professional, trained on PC's and he uses a mac at home!

For what I use my computer for a mac is better than a PC and looks better to.

A bit like driving a 993 instead of a Scoob :wink:

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Don't even bother trying to defend your useage of a Mac Poon, it's a waste of time, I've used both for years but prefer the Mac, as my profession is music the leading music software is Mac based so there is no choice. As too performance well the latest G5 Mac makes PCs look rather useless, which of course they are not, even an average PC is blindingly quick nowadays , but if you are working constantly in Photoshop or real time audio recent magazine tests have shown the Mac to be up 8 times faster which is pretty amazin. Nitrogen cooling is around the corner.
As you can see from the splitter on 'The Antichrist' I have a Porsche script on there, it looks a bit lousy in the dodgy photo I took but in real life it is laquered over and looks impressively authentic. I used a local logo firm in Enfield to make the script it cost a tenner for two. They might have your script too , let me know if you want me to give you their address.

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Car looks great, if you could PM me their phone number that would be great,


ps the new G5 and a cinema flat screen is the way to go, shame I bought my G4 imac only 12 months ago!

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