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Lmao - Changed key battery, key stopped working


24 Jun 2013
Bought a panasonic battery for the remote, swapped the battery over, won't work now.

Red light doesn't flash, starts the car fine though but need to unlock the car manually!

Any ideas if this can be resynced?
If the red lght doesn't flash on the fob, it means it isn't getting power.

Assuming the button works, that means you have a battery issue.

So is it new, is it the right size (CR2032 etc,) is it in correctly, are the contacts dirty?

1) Reset by manually unlocking the car door and whilst the key is still in the door, press the button, lock/unlock button. This re-syncs the electronics if it is time that has caused the car to forget the remote.

2) As the remote uses a rolling code (new code every lock cycle) if the remote sender has been activated more than 256 times and less than 1024 times with the receiver out of range or while the vehicle battery is disconnected the unit must be resynchronized as follows:

- Switch on the ignition (ignition key must have the correct transponder).
- Switch off the ignition.
- Remove the key and press the remote sender button within 6 seconds after the ignition key has been removed
The activation counter will then be reset to zero.

3) If the fault lies with the remote, you can reset the remote fob's chip by inserting the button battery in reverse (wrong way round) for a couple of seconds. (ie -+, +-)

You should try these in order, but note that if 3) is used, 1) and 2) will need to be run again.

If none of those work, you probably need a new remote!

But even then you will just need a new head (plipper), the blades are reusable.

Circa £85 from OPC for 996.1 single button fob (less any PCGB discount )

PS - the immobiliser is independent of the remote facility,it is a separate NFC chip (glass "pill") next to the blade.

So you can always start the car. Just make sure you get the key into the ignition and to at least position "1" within 10 secs of opeing the door to avoid the alarm triggering.

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