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Lindbrook Deterioration?


12 Aug 2003
I have always been relatively impressed by Lindbrook - they are rarely perfect but they have always tried to be. However, my latest experience has been appalling.

A couple of months ago, I noticed squirming and grinding through the brake pedal and some vibration through the car on braking. Took it in and they replaced front dics and all pads. This made it better but not perfect as there was still a noticeable vibration threough the steering wheel when braking from the 50-70mph range. So I took it back again last week. They said that the rear discs also needed to be replaced. I asked if they were sure this was the cause as they would surely have realised 2 months back if they really needed replacing and they said yes.


They quoted me the full price to replace rear pads and discs despite the fact that they should clearly have replaced the discs at the original point two months back. When I pointed this out they said that they would meet the cost of the pads themselves. However, in the end, thay simply put the old pads back to save the cost! I always thought you should replace pads whenever you replaced discs so your comments would be very welcome.

Anyway, even after the rear discs have been replaced, the vibration is still there despite the fact that when I asked then if it had solved the problem they said yes - there's no way they roadtested it before delivery which I think is unforgiveable.

I haven't paid for the rear discs yet but wanted your opinions on what the problem could be and whether or not they should have put the 2 month old pads back onto new discs.

Any help appreciated as I know sod all about cars!

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Are your wheels true, and balanced?

Also maybe a caliper is sticking?

Both are just ideas of the top of my head.

Have you thought of using Paragon for any work that needs doing? Their not to far away from Lindbrook.

Cheers Sean

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or la rose in kemsing - i think hendo is aregular there!

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Toby Armfield on 03 March 2004

or la rose in kemsing - i think hendo is aregular there!

Mazz has already fallen out with them a while ago. Once he's had a sense of humour failure with Paragon, He'll have just about run out of southerners


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New pads should always be used on new disks. The old pads have worn with the old disks and will have a 'profile' . They won't be breaking evenly. I would suggest the symptoms you describe are related to a sticking front caliper. Does it ever make a sort of 'moaning' noise after you come off the brakes?
I get sick of hearing of tales of garages replacing brake disks like pads , these items are long service items unless you track a lot.

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I had this problem on my 964. As Bones suggests it could be sticking caliper, but also check the pad skid plates haven't warped allowing the pads to work unevenly - check to see if the pads move freely in the caliper. If you are very unlucky the discs might have warped (depends on quality and whether they were allowed to bed in properly). New pads should always be put on with new discs regardless of age.

That sucks about Lindbrook - I was thinking of going there to keep up my FPSH.

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This stuff is all v helpful. Thanks very much. I am going to tackle Lindbrook on the issue tomorrow so please keep the comments rolling!

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Good news - told the guy I deal with that I still wasn't happy. Service manager rang back and aplologised instantly. He took full responsibility and admitted that they should have changed the rear discs first time and that they discovered that the RHR wheel was out of true the second time but had forgotten to tell me! He promises that if the wheel is replaced everything will be fine and has offered to replace the wheel for free (with what he promises is a good condition 2nd hand wheel left over from when someone changed a full set at Lindbrook) and also to rescind the bill for the rear discs! I asked about replacing the pads on the rear. He said that he will look again and change them for free if necessary but that as they were only 2 months old, there was no wear pattern on them yet so they were probably not wrong to put them back on.

Fingers crossed!

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That sounds like a good result, great to hear of an acceptance of fault for a change, pity they gave you all that grief though.

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Not as good as I hoped unfortunately. They took the car in for the 3rd time but returned it with the original wheel and no changed pads. Obviously, the problem was still there but, nevertheless, when they delivered it they told my wife that it was all "perfect". I left 3 messages over 6 days with the Service Manager to find out what was going on. Rang the fourth and final time(was about to complain to Porsche GB) and spoke to someone different who told me that they hadn't fitted the replacement wheel as they had sent it off for refurbishing but that it had now come back. So, I took the car in the 4th time for them to change the wheel and guess what - they said it was now "perfect" but, in fact, the same old problem is still there.

I have lost patience with them. Thier communication is crap and they can't seem to either diagnose or fix the problem. What is worse, they keep returning the car saying it is "perfect" when anyone who bothered to test the car before returning it to me would be able to tell in an instant that it was not.

Any suggestions anyone? If anyone knows the recipe for a Molotov Cocktail, please send via PM!

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