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LHD 996 Litronic Headlights

pj phillips

New member
7 Feb 2006
Guys, I am just about to purchase a 04 996 from Germany, and recall that my 999 Boxster that also had Litronic lights had the option to flick the lights to international setting, to compensate for driving on the left (UK).

The dealer is not aware of this switch (which is odd as main dealer), but Porsche UK have confirmed on litronic lights the switch is there. As I don't generally trust dealers for knowing what they are talking about, can any of you guys confirm who is correct or if I will have to tape the lights every MOT again to get a pass!



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yep, there is a switch... a bit of a wrestle to get to it, which involves opening up the back of the lights.... but it is quite simple enough and it is just like the boxster

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From another site:

You have to take out the headlamp units, undo some screws, remove the plastic rear covers and flick a switch at the back of the bulb chamber.

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Cheers Guys, car should be here in a couple of weeks and I get to test-it out via the autobahn...happy days :D

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Can anyone be a bit more specific where this 'switch ' is? can't seem to find it on mine??


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Don't know about one starting out as LHD, but on my RHD car...

Tool in tool kit to remove whole headlamp unit via. inside of luggage compartment.

Unplug one wiring socket

Undo clip that holds rear lamp cover on.

Find little lever alongside bulb and move it about 10 mm

Replace lamp - job done

No screwdrivers required... :D

However, I may be wrong, but I don't think this actually switches from LHD to RHD settings fully... It just seems to cancel out the bit on the left hand side that lights higher up the hedges / road signs to prevent dazzling other drivers. It doesn't seem to replace that with higher lighting on the RHS when you move the switch.

Can anyone confirm that, or am I doing something wrong myself?

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YES, it just flattens the beam so it doesnt rise on the opposite side of the road

which is fully MOT legal

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Thanks for confirming that - I drive in Europe quite a lot and it's noticeable...

So, if you are importing a LHD build car, you will not have full RHD lights just by flicking the switch...

Would you have to replace the lamp units, or is it a software thing?

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