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Lemans 2014 - 24 vs. Classic - Advice\Opinions please


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9 Jul 2009

I am a regular lemans 24hr goer and love everything about the event but have never done the "Classic".

We're thinking about doing the classic in 2014 and but wanted to do my research on the differences between the 2 events as I missed Lemans this year and want to get a feel for if the "classic" will live up to expectations.

My main concerns\questions about the classic are:

*What the racing is like? Are some of the race categories "too old" to be exiting\interesting? When I think of the event I think of Ford GT40's, The Porsche 917, Old 911's and Ferrari's. Do you get to see much of this?

*Is the event in any way too "Anorak'y"? I enjoy the "petrol head festival" atmosphere of the 24. How does the classic atmosphere and event compare?

*Lastly, we always get in to Lemans town on the Friday to "watch" the driver's parade and have a few nice cold beers and something decent to eat from a restaurant. We usually make a whole day of it here. Does anything happen in town for the classic?

I know a bunch of you went in 2012:

It would be really great if people could give their honest opinion of the event so I can try and decide what we want to do for 2014

Thanks in advance guys


I went to the Classic in 2010 and it was my first time.
The races are run in categories of decade, ie 1930's then '40s etc up to the '70s. The races are run over 40/45 minutes each on a rolling basis throughout the 24 hours. Accessibility to man and machine in the paddock areas is best described as intimate and I'm sure that you will recognise some of the racing drivers names. The drivers do not hold back when racing and it is quite something to see.
Classic is the way forward !

Huge field of far more interesting cars that look like 'proper cars' and sound fantastic compared to all these dull new diesel hybrid quiet race cars that go round corners with no drama whatsoever!

Flame spitting Porsche 935's and howling BMW M1's the highlight for me, although I love all of the groups other than the pre-war stuff really. Even these early cars are still a sight to behold and the traditional start is great to see - some of the old boys with dodgy hips and knees have trouble running across the track as their younger competitors are off and up the road by time they have reached their cars!

Last years event was the first one I have missed since the event began. I can vividly recall arriving at the circuit the first time on the Friday night after having dinner in town. We only went to see where the circuit was, but were fortunate to catch the drivers having to qualify at night. The hairs on the back of my neck stood out and the noise of the early RSR's and Corvettes echoing off the stands on the start/finish straight was awesome and something I will never forget.

It is growing in popularity but nowhere near the size of crowds for the 24hr, but again this is a bonus for me...

I definately plan on going back next year :thumb:
Havent done the 24 hours, it has never appealed.

Did the Classic


Its the future.
Thanks all for the interesting comments so far :thumb:

Sounds like the machinery and racing definitely needs to be seen.

In terms of the event being somewhat smaller than the 24 then I guess I expected this but again this may be a positive...maybe the feel of a lemans 24 of years gone by???

What about the actual atmosphere and feel of the event? How does this compare? Is it still fair to say that many a beer is drunk at the campsites? :grin:

Keep the comments coming if possible lads...any other info. or feedback on the classic would be much appreciated

:thumbs: :thumbs:
Classic +1

I have a feeling a big 911UK Classic is on the cards for next year, the crazy wine gang reunited 8) some fantastic cars up close the drive down ,whats not to like

Anyone able to confirm how much of the full 24hr track they actually use for this. I've got a feeling that they don't go all the way down to Mulsanne, which is a shame, as that's where I normally stay.
RobIpswichUK said:
Anyone able to confirm how much of the full 24hr track they actually use for this. I've got a feeling that they don't go all the way down to Mulsanne, which is a shame, as that's where I normally stay.

Mulsanne strait is used , we drove it after it re opened last year on the Sunday evening :grin:

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