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Leaving the car for 2 weeks - Locking/unlocking quextion


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14 May 2013

I am going away soon and was wondering if there is anything I need to know about locking/unlocking the car and leaving it for about 2 weeks.

Can I just lock as normal with the fob and unlock using the fob once back or is there a kill switch or something. Last thing I want is a dead battery once I'm back.

Last year left her for 24 days no problem and that was with a 6 year old battery which I have only recently replaced after a cold cold winter eventually packed up.
If garaged I'd be tempted to lock with key which does not alarm the car or not lock it at all to preserve the battery. Better still plug a conditioner in.
If on the street then try to go for a good run out prior to leaving her to ensure the battery is maxed up.
It'll be fine. I leave mine sometimes three weeks between trips with no issues. I left it for three whole months last year when I had a back op and couldn't drive, and it was fine.

That said, if your battery is getting on a bit then you might want to change it, just in case.
I believe the battery is about 2 months old
Have done just that, got back today and forgot that the alarm goes in to sleep mode.
opened manually with the key thinking the battery had died, sat in the car, alarm went off, pressed the fob, alarm stopped, car started up first time.

Think the procedure is unlock manually then use fob BEFORE opening the door.
But don't think it matters either way, as long as you're expecting it (I wasn't!).
left mine for a month no issues at all other than the alarm going into sleep mode, unlocked the drivers door and then pressed fob, life was all good again :) Brum brum brum....

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