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le mans


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19 Aug 2003
Hello thinkng about making the pilgrimage to "Le Mans" next year when I get Porsche. Is it worthwhile making the trip and what advice would anyone give, i.e. the do's and don'ts, like is camping a good idea or should I seek out a local B & B ?. Many thanks in advance for anyones replies.

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Just returned from Le Mans, my first time. I drove my 993 there, camped in Annexe Houx from Thur to Mon. What a fantastic wkend!!! :D

The drive there was worrying 'cos of the down pour, but the sky cleared when we got to Le Mans. It would be good to get there no later than Thur if you wanted a good patch to set up your camp. Shower and toilet fascilities were much better than I expected, I managed to have a nice hot strong shower every night without have to queue once! Make sure all the food shopping inc BBQ/beer were done before the race on Sat 'cos a lot of the roads would be closed and as we found out, it would be pretty impossible to get in and out of the circuit during the race, and the shops are closed on Sun (even big supermarket like Carre Four)

There's a museum ( can't remmember the name of) where you can see most of the cars on parade close up, then the parade near the cathedral in town was worth a visit, Johnny and team was having a drink with the commons in the bar next to the car park. The locals were really good and they cheered and waved when we drove past esp if you're in a sports car, some kids were waving the UK flag along the way out from the museum... felt like the Queen for a few seconds!!

The race this yr was quite exciting to watch, make sure you have a radio with you with a comfy headphone, mine was ok but the little ear plug thing made my ears quite sore after a few hrs. The radio in English made the race a lot more interesting to watch. Try to go and see the race in the middle of the night as well 'cos there'll be hardly anybody there and seeing the cars screamed past in the dark is quite something.

After the race we drove round the circuit most of the way (most of it is on public road which they open the minute the race is over) except the Bugattii circuit bit. We did it slowly first to find out where the cops were, then did a few rounds with the foot down, managing 142mph down Mussane. That was the most fantastic feeling, it's almost like a free track day on the Le Mans circuit!!! :D

On the round about near the camp site there will be lots of people gathering to see cars driving past/on the round about to burn some rubber. It looked soooo dangerous, disaster waiting to happen, but then everybody knew the score. When a police van turned up we all thought they're go to stop the lot, but instead they cheered us on and went round the round about a few times themselves!!

After lots of drinking/BBQ/fast cars etc, just when you think life could not get any better, the drive back was quite something! Sports cars of all sorts inc Porsches/Ferarri/Lotus/TVR/Noble all heading towards Calais - fast! Only if everyday commute was this good!

Definately worth going just for the experience. Better if you go in a high performance car of sort. I will definately go again! Camping for sure 'cos that's where all the actions are!! :D

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Hello thank you for the great story first step is to find that 911 now. So much crap out there that is, made to look better than what they are. Had two PPI done from there owners view the cars were great after the PPI not so great and after silly money. But as 911 87 -92 prices are dropping at the moment .It is good news for me.

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