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Late 964 Wanted

Peter B

Well-known member
18 Aug 2003
Looking for well specced late 964. Would prefer non-white! Must have air-con & FSH. Condition paramount... RHD & manual prefered


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think eporsche has a nice 964 C4 Celebration........but its near mid £20k!!!!

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Thanks Rodders, seen the advert but confused by the colour - thought all Celebs were Viola (black purple?).

Phil - no budget just looking for the right car in correct condition. seen some sad examples held out as pristine, impeccable. Very over worked and abused words - a bit like some of the cars. even a local OPC tried it on with some old faded shed that was peppered with stone chips and had corroded headlamp reflectors and rust in the usual places....



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Yes C4 Celebration has unique paint colour (Viola), turbo bodyshell and "30 Jahre" badge in cockpit and on rear engine lid. You are right to be confused and I am guessing they ain't quite telling the truth but you never know.

Just bought a C2 in Grand Prix White and yes there is loads of crud out there and you have to pay a decent price to get a very nice example. I think you have the right approach.


PS A C4 Celebration was recently sold for about 23-24K by a dealer.

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Thanks Ian, the C4 celebration was one that I chased after but I was too late. Turns out that the "immaculate" car needed £4K repairs doing before it was sold by the dealer. New clutch flywheel and rear brakes etc.. Think I'd know if they needed doing before I punted the car as "excellent condition". PPI more necessary than ever!!

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Hi Will, saw this one yesterday. Skin but no wind as they say. Heavy price for a K I think, even if it has done a low mileage. I had the soft leather option in my 996. Great unless a fat**** buys the car and turns it saggy!


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The C4 price was not a bad price to achieve for the dealer though after the work was done. Low 20s seems to be the price for a very nice 964 from a dealer. Trouble is the quality dealers are good a sniffing out the good cars (because they know they can sell them at a good price) so they are difficult to find privately. Also as 964s get older the nice ones get rarer.

It's a tricky decision to make whether to trawl around looking a loads of cars before finding a gem or go to a good dealer.


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Hi Ian, the seller of the viola Celebration settled at under 18 for a very nice car (despite the huge repair bill!). It was a late model M with under 90,000 so it makes some of the £20K+ stuff on G/H/J plates look silly....even if they have only done 70 thousand.


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The C4 could have been aquired for about 17.5K before the work was done (seller has just moved to a 993). Given 4K repairs would make it a private buy at 21.5K and it was sold by dealer for just under 24K I believe.

The C4 Celebration has a market because it's late model and rare but it is an aquired colour taste plus four wheel drive which some don't like. Not sure how Celebration prices compare to standard 964 prices but really nice 964s seem to be 17K upwards and then into the early 20s if you buy from a dealer. Not sure the year makes that much difference but rather the condition.

Its finding a really nice 964 that is the problem not so much the price IMHO. Same thing seems to apply to the top end of the 993 market too.


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Hi Guys,

the 964 Celebration was usually finished in Viola but I have seen cars in silver and also black advertised over the years.

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Looked in a few reference books and the Celebration was only available in violet metallic paint (Viola) with Rubicon Gray leather interior and matching Rubicon Gray guage faces.


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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by ian_uk on 21 June 2006

Its finding a really nice 964 that is the problem not so much the price IMHO. Same thing seems to apply to the top end of the 993 market too.


My 993C4 is up for sale at the moment. Its up for £29500 which is probably top money but then again everyone tells me in the Club that its the best 993 they've seen. I'd accept offers in the mid £28k range though.


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The search continues........... must be getting cynical in my old age but how can a 964 described as a credit to its former owners end up with just about everything that goes up, down, round in or out and everything you sit on in near or touch is changed and then ask for £24K??

Original- which bit, not even the keys!

Found some very interesting ones with sushi in the glove box but took quite a bit of questioning before they came clean. Ah-sohs

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