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Lapis blue on a sunny day...


Well-known member
7 Nov 2012

Lapis blue looks so different on a sunny day ! I don't normally see my car in the sun, as my driveway is always in the shade, and any other time, i am normally driving it, so don't often see it in the sun ! It normally looks a basic navy blue... Until today :)
Looks amazing!

~ Maxie :thumbs:

Same car on a normal day... :?:
Simply wonderful! Damn, I knew I should have held out for a blue one :D
You certainly know how to take a picture.
Looks beaut! Ocean blue has similar colour changes blue/purple/black depends on the light...
Very nice... :thumb:

Sometimes I think mine can look such a boring colour for a 911 but when that sunshine gets on the Lapis paintwork its unbeatable. I just don't live in the right country to make to most of Lapis so 90% of the time it looks boring navy blue.
It's seeing pics like that, that make me think I should hold off for a blue or a black one.

For some reason all the good ones seem to be seal grey or silver right now though.

Decisions .. decisions.... would I regret buying a grey one next time I see a blue on on the road?!? :?:

:lol: :lol:
spectraluk said:
Atlas Grey does the same thing - most people mistake it for black, but when it's clean and the sun is beating down on it - it looks lurrrrverly!

Totally agree. Only took two years for my neighbour to tell me that she thought my (atlas grey) car was black all this time!

~ Maxie :roll:

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