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Lap of Spa

Sean Dudding

26 Jun 2003
I recently did a couple of days at Spa, and had a great time.

I have uploaded a video showing one lap, probably not my best lap, but I did take a couple of Porsches.....



PS The file is 12MB

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Sean I'd love a ride in that GT3...I'd wash it for you afterwards? :D

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Noony / Olivia

No need to wash the car, I had actually washed it in the pits that morning, but with all the rubber and insects flying around, can't be helped.

Your both welcome for passenger laps, only days I have this year (at the momnet are):-

16th November Donnington (it's a Sunday Olivia, you could join us with your 450BHP beast)

17th November Silverstone.

Then I'm afraid the GT3 will be gone (Well in January anyway) as I have to sell it to make room for my next toy...YEP, Porsche GB have finally confirmed that they will build a GT3RS for me, should be here in March, Yippee...

Cheers Sean

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Sean. Great footage. The start/end section of the track looks pretty intimidating with walls on both sides!!!

I think pretty soon you are going to have a queue of people asking for rides!

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Yeah I guess it can look intimidating, the good thing about Spa is that there are 3 very heavy braking points, for example at the top of the hill after Eau Rouge you have to brake from 150 to 60 to take the chicane. But at all these braking pooints if you don't loose enough speed the road goes straight on so you have lots of space to slow down.

You just have to be aware enough that you have this option. I was following a guy in a 964 into the bus stop, he messed it up completely and got two wheels on the grass and had a little intermate meeting with the barrier. Luckly he only cracked his rear bumper and scrapped a wheel arch.


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GT3RS Oh yes!!! Which colour have you gone for Red I hope.
Really pleased for you Sean. Good on Porsche GB.

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I really wanted blue, but when I saw the pictures on rennteam.com I soon changed my mind, so red it is...So Donnington and Silverstone will be my last time out with the current GT3...Anyone want to jump the queue and buy it off me???? Not out to make a profit like most the owners who are selling over list, just want it to go to another enthusiast who is going to drive it like it's meant to be driven.


Passenger laps available....But you may have to wash the car in return :)

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All I get is sound no pics,

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Maybe its because macs are rubbish :D

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Noony, be careful!

i have another set of pics for a caption comp :twisted:

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Yeah must be a Mac thing. There must be a Codec's so a Mac can play a WMV (Windows Media Video ??) File.

Sean GT3

PS Poon I will get some footage at Silverstone, between yourselve, Jamie and I we could come up with some excellent manouvres.....

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Why not let young Noony have a lap? That should be some great footage.

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Noony in my car!!! Could strap him on the back like a water skier and give him some roller skates and the camera, could have some funny results...


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That I would have to see.
How much do you want for it can PM me. I might know someone who would buy it.
Ps go for it Poon I have a mac too and it needs defending.

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