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La Rose - with confidence ?

Glenn Wallis

11 Sep 2006
Although my 911 has only done 41000 the ppi it was suggsted that having the 48000 mile service would be a good idea. I have read some suggestions re La Rose but they were from a while back (05) anyone used them recently and give me some feedback? Some idea of price would also be helpful (the ppi suggested no sig. issues).


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they havent been mentioned in a while but are Sevenoaks way based ?

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Yes they are quite local to me and I am assuming that striking up a working relationship with a local Porsche specialist is the way to go, as they will get to know the car better, what I want (and can afford !!!!) etc. etc. I found them when making an impromptu visit to Paul Devyea whilst I was looking for my car.

Ball-park figure on a standard 48,000 mile service anyone ? :)

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Obviously depending on where you go, a major service is about £500, this is for a 12,000 srevice, not sure if there is anything specific to the 48K service.

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Thanks Mark - in my experience with other cars it is really helpful to have a starting price for these things. Obviously I will be taking your figure, trebling it, then adding a pound for every mile on the clock and I might end up with a figure close to the final bill .... is that about right :twisted:

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Glenn..I use Northway near Reading. They publish service prices on the website


£265. Thats the cost - no extras! They have come back with a list of "nice to do's" but have always been really honest about the need to do it right there and then.

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Just visited the website - blimey a garage that's as open and honest as that !!!!!!!!!! too good to be true surely?? If not I may well give them a try despite the distance.

Thanks a lot Gaz

PS What year is that beautiful red Supersport?

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I haven't used La Rosa personally but have seen their stamps in lots of Log Books and I believe they serviced my car for the dealer when I purchased it. As you say, Paul Devyea is based at their premises.

I'd be surprised if a major service on a supersport came to £500, Even with VAT. Thats not far off Turbo money and the 3.2 is a lot easier to service. BTW GT One in Chertsey also quote a price and then give a wish list with indicative prices. Would have thought you'd want to use someone local though.

The big bucks will be in the turob running gear. Big shock if you use genuine Porsche parts to replace disks etc .... huge savings if you don't

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Thanks Anthony - bit of relief that perhaps this isn't going to cost me quite as much as I feared. I think if there's a bit more positive feedback on La Rosa I will probably go with them.

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