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Kwik- Fit Aircon recharge..


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31 Mar 2013
About a month ago I took the turbo to kwik -fit to get the aircon recharged.
At the time they said that there were no leaks and they reckoned that I just needed new gas to get it back to icy cold again.
It seemed to work well if a little noisy which was confirmed when I went in another turbo the other day.
So today I took it back to kwik fit to check the aircon pressure.
It turns out that when the original guy charged the system he scrolled down the menu on the machine and found a 3.6 turbo and charged it to that spec..which was the 993!!!!
The 996 is on a sub menu..consequently I didn't have enough gas in the system!
They regassed correctly foc and sent me on my way.
My point being is that some seemingly simple things are not simple enough for some people..
Always pays to look over these people's shoulders!

I watched Mr Kwik-Fit like a hawk as he navigated the menu, and confirmed the actual fill values for the freon and oil (from Porsche workshop manual) when he reached the final submission screen.
I was shepherded into the holding area first time!!. :evil:
The Kwik Fit guy who did mine identified it with an app on his i-Phone. :eek:
kas750 said:
I was shepherded into the holding area first time!!. :evil:

Sod that!

I was never more than 6" from my car (apart from when I had to pay at the end - fortunately I could still see my car through the reception/workshop windows)
Got mine done at KF this weekend.

After he had started recharging her he said casually 'are these the 2.3 or 2.5's? My mate had a race with one in his vectra last week and nailed it!'

I wasn't really sure what he thought I was driving.......

The A/C lasted 24 hours and then had to be re-done by his boss.
Mine was still at the point of painful cold on my feet at the weekend (thorough mesh shoes)

Quite exhilarating!
Thats nothing.

They put 1.3kg of gas in my 330d. It takes 650g.
Wouldn't trust sh!t fit with anything, let alone the 911.
They fcuked up the ac recharge on our ford focus. Absolutely terrible service.. Long story but wont go back again.

"You can't get sh!tter than a quick fit fitter, there a bunch of cnuts" :grin:
I took mine in, after it being hooked up to the machine for 45 mins he chucked my keys and me and said "you have a leak" and no charge.

Getting a local guy round on Friday who will stick UV die in it and says he will find the leak for £25, then recharge for £40 once fixed. Its not the condensers as they are new, I suspect the fat pipe under the drivers sill as theres "damp" (with oily residue) patches on it.
mobile chicane said:
I wont take a works vehicle I don't own to kwik fit let alone my own car.

Its about the simplest thing they do in kwik fit - drive up to machine, plug 2 hoses in and select the correct car.

The machine will vacuum old coolant out and then pressure test. If it passes it auto injects the correct amount of coolant and lube then its job done.

No spanners involved. About the only thing I'd let them do....

Best thing is its free if it doesn't hold pressure and if it leaks out within a few days its money back.

Its always amusing people watching from the waiting room.... the number of completely clueless people that walk in and the guy behind the desk quoting them mega money...just want to tell they will get a better deal elsewhere!
maor said:
Thats nothing.

They put 1.3kg of gas in my 330d. It takes 650g.

Should we call you Mr. Freeze now?
Kwik Fit regassed my 996 with no problems for £50.

They regassed and then regassed again + dye my old Jag for £25. (That was £50 for the original regas, minus £25 because it failed.) They then found the leak and charged me nothing for doing so.

They recommend a regas every two years. If I still have the 996 then, I'll take it to them.
I took both my wife's X5 and my 997 in for a re-gas this weekend to Kwik -fit .
The fitter was on the ball and asked me for the model number of the X5 ie e72 as opposed to the e53 ? the difference in the amount of gas between the two models is amazing.
I then took my 997 if you put Carrea S in as the model you then have to scroll through to pick up the model ie 993 ,996 .but they are listed seperately .
Re-gassed my 997 for £35 top boys.

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