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kph speedo conversion


30 Jan 2003
I'd like to ask a question. I assume many of you drive a LHD 911. Porsche has finally written back with the Commision Notice Letter to register the car in the UK. Having phoned the VCS, amongst the modifications required was a speedo change to read both kph and mph. Mine reads in only kph - any one who has the kph only dials? How did you manage to avoid changing it? I don't think it matters that it reads in kph provided you are aware of this fact when driving. Perhaps it is illegal for uk registered cars to have only kph dials.


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My car was also KPH only, and as I understand it MOT testers are well within their rights to fail a car on this (I therefore assume it's not legal). However, the car was imported 4 years ago so I guess no-one noticed in the past!! I got sick of not realising (at a glance) my speed so bought a second hand mph speedo which was a very straightforward 5 minute swap.

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Nathan, the problem is, I require some Documentation that it has been changed to mph speedo when writing to the VCA. How did the people manage not to swap the dials. I suspect there must be a loophole. I do not see the point of changing the speedo just because the car came with a kph dial. Surely you must have had to write to the VCA to register the car 4 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I do not mind paying for the conversion if it is law but I think there are lots of LHD cars with the original kph dials out there. I'd rather keep it the way it came.


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I'm with Nathan on this one - my '89 lhd (imported to uk in 1999) still has original kph speedo. One of the previous owners has put stickers on the glass of the dial at 30, 50, 70, and 90 - no one MOT-wise seems to have had a problem with it so far despite what the rules may or may not say !


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Jamie, do you know if the previous owner applied himself to the VCA? If he did he must know the process. Anyhow I will ask around regarding this as clearly your car has not had the dial modified.


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LHD cars I have looked at buying in the past have all had KPH dials and I have always been assured it is not an issue. I have never had any "official" advice on the matter though.


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I just picked it up from the guy in 911 & Porsche World who bought his Carrera 2 from Germany and stated it was illegal to run with KPH only. I managed to fall across a speedo at a good price, and because it's literally a 5 minute job I can easily change it back (the entire speedo pulls out and is changed so it's not a case of modifying your existing one). I didn't import the car so have no experience of registering one in this country.

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