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Knocking front pads


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2 Apr 2012
Morning all

I fitted some new Pagid discs and textar pads a few weeks ago but they are knocking everytime i brake

Basically when i stop you can hear the pads clunking as they are lifted up, and then when i release the pedal you can hear them drop back down in the calliper. I fitted the pads with a brand new retaining spring and pins from Porsche and have been told that it could be worn calipers :eek: :eek:

Anyone else had this and is there a solution, or maybe try a different pad?

thank you
Obvious question...did you fit new anti-rattle shims with the replacement pads?

Like these :thumb:
Hi PJ, Yes fitted those after fighting with the old posts that had stuck in the caliper :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

They have only done it with the new pads fitted, old ones were fine

I actually call by the TMD Friction proving ground and they are the ones that suggested that the calipers are worn but the pads are like for like replacements.

Its more annoying as i changed these after changing all the suspension bits etc.....so i have cone from squeeks and rattles to knocks and clunks :D
there's nothing to 'wear' on a caliper except for piston seal, and thats not why they clonk.

bit late now but next time after pushing the pistons right back, fitting the sticky pads then slide the pads in and LIFT them with couple of screwdrivers into the CLONK position, then press brake pedal hard to stick them so.

assumed you remembered to peel the backing paper off the sticky pads ??
If you say they are "lifting" did you remember to fit the spring clip that forces the pads down ? Or is the spring getting tired ?

Most pads will clonk when going from reverse to forwards as there is a small tolerance to allow them to move in the calliper. Perhaps you could measure them against the old ones to double check the correct size ?
I know this may sound stupid but do you drive a C4S? If you do check you have Turbo pads and not C4 pads. Eurocarparts did this to me and stupidly took their word for it without checking. I fitted them, made the clonking noise and then the other half pointed out it said C4 and not C4S on the box. Didnt i feel like a pratt!!!
Hi, thank you for the replies

Yes new anti squeal shims fitted and stuck, but obviously as soon as i brake the pads move and become unstuck.

Brand new spring clip fitted

Car is a standard C4
mmmm, this sounds just like what i had.
No one has upgraded the brakes to Turbo/C4S ones have they?
Check the 2 bolts for the calipers. Double check you are having the right pads.

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