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Keys & remote locking problems


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13 Dec 2006

I have issue with the locking/unlocking with the remote keys. '99 C2. I changed the key batteries myself and it improved one but not sorted. Now that key that worked occasionally has packed up. There is red LED activity BUT it will not arm/disarm/lock the car remotely so if you lock (manually) with the key when you unlock the alarm kicks in again !! I even have to hit the lock button on the dash several times to get the passenger door, fuel cover and front & rear bonnet/boots released.

As I work occasionally in Reading, I left it with Porsche UK Reading, their thoughts are they "think" I need new ones ? and maybe control unit (ouch why so expensive !!)

I also heard from an engineer at Reading about some elaborate on/off on/off RESET method and also there's a button on the 'B' post to open the doors etc if the battery is completly shot. It is due back to JCT Sheffield (OPC) to investigate if they have any other excuses (sorry I mean solutions) I'll let you know. ---

Anyone had similar ??

Bloody electronics... they should stick to nuts & bolts !!

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what's the condition of your battery ? as the charge has an impact on how the remote etc works IIRC the car goes into a safety mode so the remote wont work and only the key in the door will.

The lock button on the dash could be mean there is a wiring fault ?

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Thanks... Presume yo mean main car battery not keys? Should be OK shows just under 14V.. although volts isn't amps !! - I can't see anywhere in the history if it's had a new battery and if not it is 6 years old !? - and it does tend to crank/turn over a little slower than a friends 02-C2. Never let me down in that way.. I'll stick it on charge overnight anyway. The lock button I think is just because the car was locked/armed with the remote and opened with the key (manually) hence is theoretically 'armed' I think you should alarm & unalarm with the remote again to do a pseudo 'reset' which won't work.. Let's see what JCT Sheffield say ?

I read also the long thread(s) about batery conditioning/charging etc... It seems crazy that a 90Amp/hr battery (plus additional separate alarm cells) can't keep the system awake for more than a week?.... .... I have owned many Merc's (SL, S, SEC's etc.. ) and travel away for weeks leaving in airport carparks on end.. never a problem...As you know it's difficult to find a mains socket in Pink Elephant to plug yor trickle charger into !!!

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