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K&N filter


New member
9 Jun 2003
Hi, Has anyone installed one of these filters in their 3.2 carrera?

Any improvements?, any more bhp?



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I installed one on my '88 3.2 without problems and noticed a pleasant noise increase and because of this a feeling that there was more power, I also cut 6 x 2 inch holes in the airbox cover which further increased the fruity roar. I never had a dyno to see whether it was faster but you could only expect a very small increase any way.

Porsche offer a filter box cover and exhaust stainless steel polished exhaust end pipes as a "Sound enhancement package" for the 993 for a large sum of dosh but with no performance promises.

Carrera cup racing airboxes are simply the retaining rim for the filter with no box and these can be had from some accesory dealers..

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I think that Jamie Summers has one on his!

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I thought I had read there was an issue with K&N in that the filter is more coarse and therefore lets small particles through? I have also heard that there is no bhp improvement, despite K&N's claims - I think Bruce Anderson covers this in his "Performance Handbook", which is the bible on matters concerning modifications.

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Yep I've got one, I posted a reply to Amo's post on the PCGB Forum (couldn't be arsed to do it here as well !) - Sounds nice / won't do anything for power - no issues of the nature suggested by Mr Ball, but I am aware that some people claim it's a potential problem - frankly life's too short !

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Jamie. I like your approach. I think you could be a very good influence on me!

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if the filter lets in small particles then surely drilling holes in it is a bit of a deathwish? i dunno, just speculating.

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The argument is that the Porsche filter is finer so stops all the little particles and it doesn't matter if the box holding the filter has holes in or not - it is the filter doing the work not the box. The K&N filter is slightly coarser so lets particles through. As far as I am aware, though, this has not been proved. The question is, though, do you want to risk it for a slight improvement in induction noise?

You pay your money and take your choice....

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