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JWW`s Gunter Werks 993 vid


18 Dec 2018
How do you think this compares against a Singer....or indeed the original Porsche 993.. :?:

I saw this 'in the metal' 3 years ago. It is awesome. :worship:


Love it :worship:
That noise :grin: 👌🏻
would love one of those, although I wouldn't opt for the Porsche radio
Luddite said:
How do you think this compares against a Singer....or indeed the original Porsche 993.. :?:

Amazing car and love most of the engineering...

The JWW is such an awful plonker, unbearable to watch.


It looks lovely but I'd rather have a bog standard looking Carrera 2 with RS small spoiler kit and a torque monster engine not this one that needs to live above 5500rpm to come alive. Too peaky for UK roads. The one Misha has built for ring fun with manthey much more desirable IMO

Then there is the price of the Gunther :eek:
I can well understand why folk might find reason to criticise JWW. There has to be more to it than just the pure envy factor, in that James has access to machinery that many of us might only dream of enjoying to the extent he seems able to, and in superb locations and interesting company on occasion...?

Me..? I am grateful to James and others who take time to provide insight to all that might be available in the wider world of motoring much of which I may otherwise never have access to. As with all "performers" he has his own "style" and like any performer I suspect they will generate a variety of followers form the fan boys to the trolls. I started off as a fan from the outset when I viewed this vid


While I have felt privileged on a few occasions to find myself in the company of groups of interesting cars and people, It would seem impossible for most of us ordinary mortals to match James` vehicular exploits, which I am happy to be able to beam up and view as where and when I might care to, what`s more to want..?

As for the "customised" 993... Hmm...? Part of me will ever value originality. However I spent my yoof drooling over racy looking m/cycles, Nortons and Triumphs with clip-ons swept back exhausts rear set footrests twin leading shoe front brakes, alloy rims, and loads of other kit that no doubt seems like a foreign language to other than baby boomers who sheared such interests...? Even in my 40`s I had my 911 SC`s rocker covers, fan housing, fan and associated engine tinware powder coated in a mix of red, white and black.... No way would I repeat that process today..!

It seems as I aged my tastes may have become more sophisticated and an appreciation of originality grew within, perhaps more so when provided access to information on the US custom scene which turned out all sorts of machinery that looked somewhat ridiculous to my eyes, thinking of the Pink Panther "car" as just one example of many.. and it drove apparently powered by Oldsmobile engine and running gear..!


I suspect disposable income has an effect on the "opportunity" to exercise one`s imagination and desires, all be it thought to be in excess to some degree or other, be that in worshipping furry dice, carbon fibre, re-creating ones Porsche to look like a full race replica, pimp mobile, or something out of a kids cartoon film, perhaps with chassis almost scraping the ground, oversize wheels in both width and diameter, set at a high degree of negative camber and considerably restricting ones ability to make use of the machine anything near to that as originally designed by the manufacturer, though the Disney Pixar cartoon 996 seems slightly less OTT than some of the Porsches and others I have seen on occasion....(-:

The less time I might spend driving my Porsche, and the more time it spends in the garage, the more I tend to derive pleasure from appreciating it as an art form than just as a means of access to a degree of enthusiastic motoring, but then at my age that might be a reasonable excuse.... now if only I can arrange a means of viewing it from the comfort of this fast wearing out armchair.... :grin:


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Think most aspects of the car are ace! Claimed weight got me licking my lips as I think I can get my lowly 986 to similar. Anyways I digress....

Mr JWW, not sure why he gets so much stick. I'll happily watch his content alongside Catchpole, Jethro and Harris.

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