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Just visiting from PCGB

FZP said:
So the thread of the century has a part two it seems. We have a sighting of George, conversation has been had, the car exists, yet he's still the ghost who walks. WTF is going on :dont know:

What "part two" :?

EDIT: I've just noticed the date. Nice one FZP. :thumb:
I had the TV on this morning, and who should pop their head up :?:


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There is still a strong suspicion that a key member of the North West group is in fact the fabled George Eaton.

A bit like the famous dancing girl in front of yellow car, with man sat on deckchair playing with his sack incident, we all know who the perpetrator was, but he still denies it to this day (along with not paying his DOM dues)
I can't believe that the whole GE saga happened over 6
years ago. :eek:
It's going to take an almighty thread to knock it from my #1 spot.
John is definitely behind the dancing girl at the Northwest meet, but my money is on another wind up merchant in tge NW, who is often seen running around aircooled cars with a Colini stick. :?:

ETA - this thread is haunted. Multiple posts :pc:
It knows George is back......
Maybe George is looking to move on his 718 for something electric.
Might make him a cheeky offer!! :hand:
jimmy p said:
Maybe George is looking to move on his 718 for something electric.
Might make him a cheeky offer!! :hand:

Hes actually got a 981 which hes looking to move on.......
Interesting that the haunted poster that is Zingari was my #1 candidate for "will the real George Eaton please stand up". Sadly, the mystery continues. Much like the organiser of Sponges tiny dancer and who organised her yo show up.
Will George ever return :?:
........ George Eaton is alive and well somewhere ....... and no doubt as is GT4 ....... will that thread ever be bettered :dont know: ...... doubtful ...... :)

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