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Just got my first 911


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26 Oct 2002
Hi to all.

At 46 years old I have finally realised a lifetime ambition. I bought a 911 yesterday afternoon. I imagine I will get told off here as I bought it privately on sight. I couldnt resist. The car does need some work and is suffering some rust on both wings. At the moment I cannot open the engine cover as the pull release is siezed. Its a 1986 3.2 Carrera Coupe 97000 drives lovely- any advice gratefully received.

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I'm a 911 owner (1981 SC) of about three weeks and, like you, bought without an inspection.

My view is so what if it needs a bit of work - if a car feels right when you see it, then that counts for a lot. From my experiences so far on this board, you're in the right place to get some good advice.

Regards, Niall

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Hi Keith

I will try to bite my tongue until you tell us what you paid for it. Only then might...might...you escape "getting told off"!!!

More seriously, congratulations on your purchase. Can you post some pictures of your new beauty? If not how about a longer description e.g. colour, options (front & rear spoiler etc).

If you cannot open the engine cover I take it you have not checked the engine numbers? Probably worth doing, just to make sure you have a 3.2 sitting in there!!! Also, depending on when it was last serviced you could do worse than changing the oil in both the engine and the transmission. Some people advocate changing the gearbox oil twice a year! Apparently it makes a great difference to the 915 gearbox you have in your Carrera. You should also monitor the amount of oil the engine uses - could be the first sign of any trouble (touch wood there will be none but best be on the look out). If you are not au fait with the procedure for measuring oil in a 911 (and it is not as simple as you might think!) search this forum as there were some posts about it earlier in the year.

Most 911s over 10 years old have rust - it just depends on whether or not you can see it! However it is something that will only get worse the longer it is left and what you can see on the surface will only be the tip of the iceburg. If you can afford to, I would get the rust looked at by a "good" body shop, preferably a Porsche specialist, asap.

Have fun with the car and lets see some photos!

Cheers, James

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Thanks for the early responses, makes me feel I'm not alone in my obsession!

James I will take some pics over the next few days but here are some details. Its light blue metallic, RHD full leather interior two tones of blue leather on seats, it has a round switch thing on the handbrake console which could be air con? electric sunroof, mirrors and both seats. Has 97000 on the clock and bills for a gearbox rebuild last year and a new clutch. Wheels are fuchs? the ones with black centres and a polished rim with the porsche badge in the centre. tyres are avon with loads of tread (for now!) It has the Carrera logo script across the engine cover and the original spoiler. It goes like a rocket on rails, absolutely fantastic! The VIN shows it to be a genuine 1986 stuggart build no. 1750

Anyway, I gave it a good clean yesterday and managed to get the engine cover open. There was a flimsy looking dipstick lying inside, I cannot see where it goes, can you help. Also I am getting some fumes when driving the car and am thinking stainless steel exhaust and heat exchangers might be on the cards. Any ideas on contacting a mechanic in the Colchester area? Where are you guys from?

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Oh yes I forgot, I paid £6500 and James, the MOT ran out last week!!

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Congratulation for your purchase Keith and Niall!

It seems that the "fourties" is a dedicated period for realizing our dreams. I'm 45 and bought my 911 two years ago.

Have fun! :wink:


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Hi all

I set myself the target of getting my first 911 preferably in my late 30's and definitely before I was 65!! Well, I realised this dream last may at the "tender" age of 37 LOLOLOL!

Keith for that kindda money, you cant really go wrong, as you say, if it feels good, then its only a question of "tidying things up" - which is inevitable until you get it just how you want it.

btw. the round switch on the hand brake console, as you have already found out, is the heater fan - my car at any rate, has a fan from teh engine bay pumping hot air into the inside. The air conditioning knob (if it is fitted) will be on the centre console in front of the gear lever - there are two knobs there, again one for another fan, and the aircon on/of one. Finally, there is still another air circulation fan on the dashboard where the ventialtion levers are - I dont understand these germans, they can make such a technologically advanced sports car, but they could not have sorted out one fan for the whole ventilation system :)))

Anyhow, check out my page and if you have a 911 webpage, please consider joining
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£6500 - I've never seen a Carrera 3.2 for so little! Assuming you don't have to spend £10,000 making it perfect it sounds likeyou got a great deal! Congratulations!

With the fumes it sounds like the heat exchanges definitely need replacing - it would be a shame to poison yourself in your new car!

Garage near Colchester? Can't think of any off the top of my head.
JZ Machtech in King's Lanley are kind of in your direction and are generally highly recommended and I have heard good things about
Jaz Porsche in Wembley.

Good luck with the MOT.

Cheers, James

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The car was advertised for £9000 ono. The seller was very keen to get rid because of marital probs. I was lucky enough to have read some stuff on the 911uk site and was able to point out some of the expense I may have to face if I bought it. ie new wings @ £2000 fitted with a respray. I did offer 6000 but the guy actually put his head in his hands at that point so I upped it a bit, at which point my wife arrived with narrowed eyes raging at my foolishness (we have four kids! and will not all fit into a 911) She was persuaded eventually on the economics of the purchase and there I am. Luckily my 14 year old son loves the car to so it maybe a long term relationship all round!

BTW I think it may be the 'sport' version, it has the whaletail spoiler and the bit underneath the front. Is ther a way of finding out?


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Please. Where does the dipstick live? (no not in Essex!)

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I think the only characteristics of the "sport" option were:

1) Rear spoiler2) Front spoiler3) Green Bilstein shocks (stiffer than standard)

You have identified the first two so it sound like you have the sport option. Over the last 20 years someone may well have changed the shocks, but if they are green Bilsteins I think you can be pretty sure you have the sport option.

Re the dipstick, it sits within the oil filler pipe under the cap. Within the neck of the oil filler pipe there is a smaller pipe. The dipstick sits within this. NOTE that the dipstick can very easily fall into the oil tank as it is smaller than the oil filler pipe. While this doesn't cause any problems you will have to buy a new dipstick as they are all but impossible to remove from the oil tank without removing the tank itself. Here is an example photo (not mine):


Cheers, James

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Thanks for that, whilst the dipstick is unusual I suppose it makes great sense in that in is protected from all the usual crud that accumulates on conventional engines. If I do renew the heat exchangers would it be best to do the exaust at the same time?



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I can't think of any particular reason why if you change the heat exchangers you should do the exhaust at the same time - may be it would save you a bit of labour. I suppose there is an argument that you might want to get a custom exhaust job which might include the heat exchangers.

Cheers, James

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PS What are you doing at work at 6.51am!!!

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I have net access at home and at work. Took Portia (my wife now calls her the other woman) down to the garage and left it for an MOT test later today. Will be interesting to see the outcome, I will post the results later.



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