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Just been to view possible first Porsche


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24 Apr 2013
Hi hello, first post by potential owner, need bit of advice!
Just travelled to view 997 C4S 31K , lovely condition really like it, now the problems, Private sale, owned for 2 years, stone cold engine when arrived to view as I had requested, had been run this morning short trip. (last one viewed was running when i arrived), good look around no apparent oil leaks, no mayo in oil fillercap, coolant fine dipped finger in no oil on surface etc, stood at rear and got him fire it up, puff of blue/ white smoke from LH exhaust then condensation steam from both then cleared. went for spin he drove warmed up fully and caned it red line 1-2--3 Bloody hell do they go or what topped out 1**mph (private road of course) got back, turned off went in looked thru all history, back to car ,re start no smoke nothing engine idles quiet revs clean still no smoke, both exhausts look same colour.
NOW is a puff of smoke on cold owt to be concerned about??????
Otherwise FPSH major at 30K in Nov 2012, advised discs and pads, coil pack changed, tyres getting low.
Since then he's had pads and disc done but non genuine items fitted by indy but not Porsche specific, they look fine and it stops ok so good?
What should I do (really like the car) ????????

PS he says he,s ok with any inspection RAC? AA? Who else could I use who'd travel to the car at his address??
No doubt you will get lots of knowledgeable advice here, I'm no expert, but the smoke on start up from the left could be a sign of some issues, what year is the car, gen 1 or 2?

I have a 996 C4S with what is regarded as the most unreliable engine ever fitted to a 911, touch wood, I've never had a bit of bother with mine, and love the fact I got a car with a new price of around £70K for under £20K.

If your heart is set on it, the price is right, and the PPI checks out, I would have to say 'go for it' life is far too short to worry about what MIGHT happen.

For total piece of mind, the Turbo powered models appear to be bomb proof, but obviously carry a significant increase in purchase and maintenance costs.

Good luck, there is one out there for you, don't rush yourself.
more info

forgot to say, cars a 55 plate , manual, extras- sunroof, cruise, park assist, extended leather?? What that mean..?

Atlas Grey, Black leather......Looks subtle
Extended leather was a cost option, including steering wheel centre, dash, door card etc.
C4S in Atlas Grey...nice combination but I would be biased on the colour.

I've read posts that suggest a puff of smoke from the exhaust can be ok but if you have doubts about it then get it checked out as part of your PPI.

In terms of who to perform the inspection, where are you located? I personally would get an inspection done from Hartech or for remote purposes Peter Morgan.

Do you have any intention of buying an OPC warranty on the car? If you do then the non genuine parts maybe a problem in getting it approved.

I'm with Scott
An easy +1

Turbo's do give a whiff of smoke on start up. quite normal. Lots said on the forum about this so do a search.
Shame it's a C4S then ...

All flat engines can exhibit sporadic puffs of smoke.

So you need to determine if this is a one off or not.

This may be easier than is sounds, assuming the exhausts have not been Autosol polished to within an inch of their lives, you need to inspect of one or other exhaust is obviously sooted up more than the other.

If in doubt, PPI it (and borescope if advisable)
thanks for input guys keep it coming.

Couple bits of more info,- the cars exhaust tips are as I would put it, both dirty, ie the owner doesn't ever appear to have polished them or even cleaned them let alone "polished them to inch of their life" so I assume as they look the same there is no more staining on the LH than the RH.
IMHO this car looks genuine, ie no special effort to clean up just to sell it has been made,( if it was me i'd have polished the exhaust tips as a matter of course, cleaned some wheel weight sticky stuff on the rims that is unsightly off, and blacked the tyres). It appears he just got it out of garage washed it, (some people don't treat cars like I do) but when looking id prefer to see that as IMHO its genuine as it is, not like a showroom blinged up job. I can see lots of bits of detailing that I can do if I buy it and make it sooooo much better.

Back to the PPI idea, I feel if it goes to OPC for 111 they will can it cause of the non gen brakes (this isn't a prob for me as I doubt I,d pay OPC price when aftermarket ones prob as good) So it seems like i'll contact the guy someone recommended PM, only prob is car is in Derbyshire well North of B'Ham so might be too far for him?? Anyone else???
Also as it is only 1K from Major service surely OPC would have picked up on any stuff then they did the discs etc and that's when he had them changed at indy.???

Keep replies coming ive had no sleep last night!!!!!!!!!!
The check is a good idea, then buy it!!!
Don't just look at the exhaust tips, actually look right up the exhausts as you'll see if one is dirtier than the other. :thumb:

Here's a shot of some left pipes from a PPI (no problems).

Re: thanks for input guys keep it coming.

stucart said:
Couple bits of more info,- the cars exhaust tips are as I would put it, both dirty, ie the owner doesn't ever appear to have polished them or even cleaned them let alone "polished them to inch of their life" so I assume as they look the same there is no more staining on the LH than the RH.

Mine has slight bore scoring on one cylinder and also doesn't exhibit these symptoms so best get all the checks (PPI / bore scope) done if you can then make a decision or offer following that.

Good luck fella
Sounds OK to me and you are feeling into the trap where you expect the engine to blow up like they all do. Except they don't.

A good Indy nearby will do a PPI for you, OPC will go overboard on 111 check which if you put all their observations right will likely cost half the value of the car. :frustrated:

For piece of mind bores cope it if you must and then make our mind up. Even so there are no guarantees. :thumb:
Mine sometimes smokes on start up, as did my previous one. Very common.
new idea come to mind, what you think about this......

for 10k more than the price of the 55 plate, I have found a 07 20k C4S at OPC in Leicester, this would just about be my absolute max spend, but over and above the private sale I gain.................. 2year warranty, 2 years newer, 10k less miles, less owners, genuine OEM throughout, better spec IMHO better interior red leather!!! PSE , Sports Chrono, TipS (I like autos) Bose stereo, rear wipe, adaptive sports seats??? (WTF?)

Thinking if I bought the private one and it did go bang 20K repair bill, so peace of mind and all above for 10K ....... what would you do??????

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