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Jota Engineering

2 Nov 2003
Hi all

Has anyone tried this garage seems to be just about the closest to me being in Chichester I have just bought my 1989 3.2 and its due a 12K service the chap has quoted me about £370.00 inc and seems like he knows his stuff from you phone call just thought I would get some opinions before letting my pride and joy go there.

Thanx Paul

-Jota is a "one man" operation based in Burstow (near Horley), the proprietor is Paul Sage (01293 775550). This ideal for detailed work as Paul is a perfectionist
More info...

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i'm in emsworth, also with a 3.2

phaeton garage, 24 palmers road, emsworth 01243 372040

These guys just did my clutch for me, absolutely excellent job. He does not purport to be a marque specialist, but its a small operation, very good attention to detail, surviving on good reputation and word of mouth. He drives a 911 himself, and told me he services 2/3 more inc a turbo. There was an interesting array of cars (TVR 450, Morgan, E type, and Frogeye) entrusted to his workshop.

the stamp in the service book may not look as convincing, but i'd definitely recommend them. Be very interested to hear how you get on with Jota if that's where you go.


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Thanx for the help I phoned them today to discuss the service sounded very promising cetainly seemed to know there stuff but their quote came out only £10.00 cheaper than Jota and imho the porsche specialist stamp and exspertese has got to be worth the at least a tenner and the petrol to crawley!, shes booked in next week so I will let you know how it goes.

Cheers Paul :lol:
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PS You thinking of doing any track days at goodwood next year? think i'll try my first on 21/02/04 if it isn't full


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sorry - computer probs! (wife!).

i do fancy the idea of track day, but at the moment i'm still a bit light on bottle!

be interested to see availability/costs/feedback.



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Just dropped the car off an hour ago first thing Paul the owner said was the the pre scilencer sounded cracked Doh!! seems like this could be exspensive.

I'll keep you posted


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Hi all

Got the car back and all is good it turns out I have no pre scilencer but it has a CAT got a slight leak but that can wait till next year when i can afford for the bypass tube to be fitted, it turns out it is a US spec car!!! odd as it was bought in Germany (I have the recipts and a letter from Porsche to verify) allways mantained in Germany with all German paper work and even the chassie(can't spell) number says it's Euro spec car yet there's no way i can get a uk numberplate between those overriders!. but as I said its not to bad considering I had no PPI done it will need a new clutch and discs next year but I can't complain as I got it very cheap.

I would definatly recommend Jota Engineering Paul Sage the owner was very helpfull and did an excellent job and will no doubt be seeing him next year for a new clutch, can anyone tell me is it easy to fit new discs to a 3.2 Carrera??


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Fitting new disks is easy , an afternoons work. However you might consider fitting stainless steel brake lines and refurbishing the calipers with caliper kits and some laquer too.

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