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Jeep Grand Cherokee - ELK FAIL


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8 Nov 2008
This was at 43 mph:

So they tried it again with a different car:

Look out for the multiple tyre de-rimming from 1m:52s
Don't buy Jeep Grand Cherokee, for you and your family's safety.

I can think of plenty of other reasons why I wouldn't buy the big yank tank, safety concerns notwithstanding... :nooo:
Plenty of information given regarding weight, tyres and tyre pressures etc, but there is no information given about what the driver is doing, other than steering around the cones, or at least trying to where the Jeep is concerned.
Is he keeping the power on when effecting the turns or is he lifting off? Keeping the power on makes a difference. If he is keeping the power on and these are the results then imagination isn't required as to what would happen for when he's lifting off. We have to assume that the driving styles are consistent with all tested vehicles.
Still, you wouldn't want a Jeep would you. Yet more evidence that big American cars don't go round corners.
The Touareg and Volvo looked quite unperturbed doing the same at 43mph

... and with all the tyres still intact.

My guess is the ESP was dialled a bit too mental on reprogramme and over-stressed the front outside tyre.

Swedish motor magazine Teknikens Và¤rld test all new cars (they were the ones to raise the issues with the original A-Class):

I like how defensive some of those jeep owners got in the comments. Seriously suggesting it was a conspiracy to make jeeps look bad!
Mmm I have one for pulling the boat, its the 4 litre petrol orvis edition.
they are a bit all over the road I must say. Maybe e bay time!!!

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