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Jealousy at the far end of the scale

My sympathy goes out to to driver, difficult to know what to do in that circumstance - drive on and call the police - stop and try and deal with it, the former I suspect; not easy when someone has just kicked your car.

This sort of think does'nt do a great deal for the price of our Insurance.

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That is terrible. Why cant people just respect that porsche owners have worked hard to be able to obtain their dream car? Instead of being jealous they should get off their arses and work.

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I had an incident, fortunately without the consequences earlier this year.

Driving my daughters to a school netball match, driving with the roof down. Saturday morning through a kentish town, so obviously I was reckoning on trouble of some sort ?. A group of teenagers walking along threw a ball and some rubbish at the car as I went past at about 20 mph. I was in a line of traffic so obviously it wasnt an accident. The ball hit the winscreen and bounced off and the rubbish hit the front of the car. I hit the brakes, the shopper behind screeched but fortunately missed me, and the yobs scarpered. I was furious at the thought of what would have happened if either had hit me and I'd lost control of the car. My daughters mentioned that although they were keen on language classes, that wasnt what they had in mind!


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is that the offical line decompressing :wink:

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I've just made you Minister of Justice in my Cabinet. Please order some Canes for use at the Public Floggings.

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Hold on a sec Decompressing/CT

Lots of justice changes needed before we get to the cane bit (and may I also recommend the sleep deprivation/electrodes on the privates/half a day in a soundproof room with a baseball bat etc). cos what will happen at the moment is as follows:

Police catch Mr Butt, who has a european court of human rights approval to sue the motorist. This is fully supported by the WW and paid for by legal aid. The claim is that Mr Butt has suffered unimaginable trauma and therefore loss of earnings in a promising carjacking career due to the provocative, reckless and lets face it, illegal way in which the motorist stood in front of his car. As a result of this, the motorist is then prosecuted.

I'd be delighted to join Decompressings department and have a gander at the system


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The scary thing is, you're not far from the truth.

The likelihood is that when (if) caught, the defendent will plead that they had 'no chance in society' as they were troubled as a child and suffered at the hands of a poor state education system that left them ill-equipped for this world. They will claim that as a result the only way they could afford to support their crack addiction (again caused by the stress of not being able to find work) is through stealing cars, and that the trauma of seeing the owner bounce off the bonnet has caused them nightmares, loss of sleep and flashbacks that will scar them for life....

They'll probably get off with a small fine (to be paid at 50p a month over 25 years), whereas the owner will have a dented car, loss of no-claims bonus, trauma, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, etc. and no chance to reclaim losses.

This so-called 'society' sucks, doesn't it!

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Ok then. Hendo you're now No.2 in the Justice Department with special responsibility for Lowlifes. Please make arrangements to repeel all EU Human Rights Legislation for Lowlifes (Lowlife definition below).

Could I suggest your first projet will be to start a Training Scheme to turn all the lowlifes, spongers, Dole claimants and anybody else you think qualifies (qualification at your absolute discression of course) into responsible contributers to Society. I think a good start would be road sweeping and litter collection. Please supply them all with a flouresent jacket with a big L on the back (not for learner but for LOSER).

Ta Everso'

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a 2 year compulsory stint in the army should do most of the little sh*ts some good. :evil:

Sutchy "eight porkers". Defence Minister and Head of Zero Tolerance Ops

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Thanks for your belief, I wont let you down.

Other qualifiers for the training scheme:

Politicians, employee's of Central Parking Systems, Euro politicians, Boy/Girl band members, reality TV contestants, any host of Have I got News for You since Angus Deyton, Speed cameras, Operators of Speed cameras, Sevenoaks District Council planning department, The barman at the Bull- Otford and Tim Henman

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don't forget TGB's*, the unemployable (slight difference from "unemployed"), people on benefit who name their (state-supported) children after boroughs of London or American-sounding names.....ummm.....anybody driving on the road who is uninsured (interesting fact for you all, but are you aware that (at the last count) the national average in this country for uninsured drivers is 1 in 20 and to depress our London viewers, it goes down to 1 in 10 in the capital!).....er....people that hog lanes 2 and three on motorways or dual-carriageways......people that drive everywhere at between 45 and 50mph (I mean everywhere)......the people that follow behind drivers travelling between 45 and 50mph but make no effort to overtake AND leave no sufficient gap for anybody 8 cars back in the line (i.e. me) to be able to overtake without having to overtake an entire line of 7 cars in one hit! ...the driver immediately behind the coffin-dodger who, when a short stretch of dual carriageway presents itself, pulls out from behind said coffin-dodgher in 5th gear (or is that 8th?) and then trickles past the C-D managing to use the entire length of the dual carriageway in order to complete his/her overtake.....aaaarrrrggghhh!!!

I think thats enough for now...it's time for my pill.


*if you don't know what that stands for, I shouldn't be telling you....rushjob will know what I mean..!

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I'm off to dublin for some guiness drinking with 5 hour breaks for golf and sleep

Good weekend one and all

Good to see the list is growing Decompressing

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